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Default About Canon SX150 ... how to get best shallow depth of field ??

About Canon SX150 ... how to get best shallow depth of field especially for portraits ??
i mean what mode to use and what parameters .... sh.speed ,apr. Iso ... etc
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I would shoot in Aperture priority mode and shoot "wide open"- lowest "f" number.
The camera will select its own shutter speed in this instance to obtain correct exposure.
You might be best served with spot metering also- and if your subject is off centre,select your focus point manually.
The lowest possible iso setting is always the most favourable to retain as much detail/quality as possible.
You might find that selecting "portrait" mode on your camera will select similar parameters to what I've suggested anyway..!
Try experimenting also by varying your distance to the subject- close with no zoom, further away with some zoom and so on. You might find you can get a better DOF effect at one distance over the other.
All said and done however, don't expect too much in the "shallow" DOF department- as small sensors are not ideally suited for such shooting.
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Just follow the basic rule, more the focal length, shallower the Dof.

Stand away from the subject as much as you can, zoom in fully and click.

Here is a sample, from the SX150IS.
Attached Images
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G'day mj

I suggest you experiment with -
1) press 'macro' yellow flower to allow the camera to close-focus
2) zoom out to about 12x to 15x zoom
3) move back from your subject, maybe 2 or 3 metres
and take your shot

You will find that the background becomes very blurry via small D-o-Field

This shot was at 14x zoom and camera-to-subject distance was about 3 metres

Hope this helps a bit
Regards, Phil
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Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
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