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I currently have the A710 and am wondering if I should buy the S3. I am after input from anyone out there who has an S3 please.

The A710 flash takes about 5 seconds to recharge whilst the LCD screen goes black and this is very frustrating when trying to take photos of active kids. What is the S3 like with flash recharging? Does the screen go black? How long does it take between flash shots?

I also like the sound of having 12x zoom on the S3. If using the 12x zoom, is it hard to get clear in focus shots? I've always heard the more you zoom, it's harder to keep the shot clear.

And a friend of mine with an S3 says it has an 'Action' mode which she has found good for kids' sports etc. The A710 doesn't have this action mode. I know I could probably do the adjustments manually but I like the idea of a quick switch to Action mode.

I am not entirely happy with the quality of indoor shots with the flash on the A710 although I'm not sure the S3 is any better with this?

So I'm really asking if you think it's worth paying the money to get an S3. Do you think it's a better camera than the A710, or maybe the A710 is better in some ways? Any thoughts from S3 users would be great.


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IMHO the S3 is a better camera, period... even worth the extra, what 30-40% more. I still bought the A710 because I couldn't stand the thought of constantly carrying the S3. A camera is only "good" if it's always there to take the shot.

The 710 does have a "kids and pet" mode, probably the same mode as what your friend said about the S3.

If you can live the size, go for the S3.
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I agree with reppans, word for word. The S3 is a better camera, the A710 is a great camera and much more likely, in my case, to be carried and available.

This summer I will buy the S3 or its successor and have both cameras for use. I want the S3 long zoom for a trip to Yellowstone. I would also use it indoors for flash photos. Other than those two uses, it would sit on the shelf.
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