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Are the Amazon Marketplace sellers safe to buy from? They sell cameras for really cheap. The canon 2OD is going for less then $700! I'd rather have a used 2OD than a replacement A95(for my stolen A80)!

Thank you, any help is appreciated.


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Old Jan 31, 2005, 8:58 AM   #2
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Neal 376 wrote:
Are the Amazon Marketplace sellers safe to buy from?
I've bought CDs and books from severaland never had a problem; nothing as expensive as a camera, though.
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See, the thing about Amazon is it's great, although sometimes as you mentioned, they have vendors that you don't really know a whole lot about. The way I sort of see it is, if it doesn't apply to Super Saver Free Shipping, then I will probably feel a lot more comfortable buying from newegg.com or some other vendor. :idea:

Last thing to remember:If it's too good to be true, it probably is a bad idea. ESPECIALLY when it comes to internet purchases. I've pretty much thrown ebay out the door, although there are a few rare jems.

For you A series users, there is a company on ebay that sells a little attachment clip which acts like a soft box for the A series Canon cameras.
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Old Feb 5, 2005, 10:26 PM   #4
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i posted a topic on these forume awhile ago about sellers on amazon.... they got some wierd scam going on there... they had a 20D for 100 bucks but the ad said to "e-mail me BEFORE bidding" and i saw this same thing on ads for 10D The rebel dslr and a few others... beware.. theres something afoote!!!

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I actually bought & sold a few of my cameras via Amazon Marketplace. So far, no problems! But as everyone said, "DO NOT BUY FROM SOMEONE WHO ASKS YOU TO E-MAIL THEM FIRST"!!!! That's a SCAM . Your best best is to buy from someone who is selling it "gently used" - most likely it was a gift or like me, they bought a bigger camera. The nice thing is that in the chance that you are "scammed" Amazon WILL protect you - you will get a refund ! So, just be cautious but there are definitely great buys to be found.
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