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Default Any rumours about the Canon G10 replacement ?

As the Canon G10 came out in Sept. 2008, it's probably too early for a G11 to be considered, although Canon and the other camera manufacturers seem to have a pretty fast evolution when it comes to new and improved models.

Eventually there will be a replacement for the G10 and I wonder if the sensor will be any bigger than the current one in the G10?

The MPs were fabulous for a small, albeit sophisticated P + S...but IMO the sensor size let it down a bit. I understand great pictures up to 2oo...but at higher ISO the grain or noise was an issue with some....like me.

I looked very seriously a number of times at getting a G10...but when I would compare the picture quality at higher iso to a DSLR...there was no contest to my eye. I used various pix comparos at different websites and at camera stores which had some pix for comparison.

I know some may consider it unfair to compare a small P + S like the G10 to the pix quality produced by basic DSLR's, but I'm not sure. Given the price is about the same...I know I want the picture quality to be about the same. Unreasonable ....I dunno.

Eventually I bought a small, light, basic DSLR which produces great pictures. Not as small and light as a G10...but...

BTW I'm still hoping Canon will bring out a G series that will produce pictures the equivalent of their and other maker's DSLR. I feel they will and that Canon will be the company to do so first, with their massive technology. Although I understand the Panasomic LX3 is very competitive with the G10.

I still prefer the Canon G10 look...feel Canon has a great look, love the dials, etc.

Anyway anyone know when the replacement for the G10 will come what improvements we may expect ?
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Hi there,

I am thinking of buying G10 but of cource if there is a new one coming out soon I'll hold on. Which small, light, basic DSLR did you buy?
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Originally Posted by lily.2001 View Post
Hi there,

I am thinking of buying G10 but of course if there is a new one coming out soon I'll hold on. Which small, light, basic DSLR did you buy?
I bought the Pentax KM, which is called the K2000 in the U.S.

I chose the KM because:

  • It's small and light for a DSLR, although it is a bit bigger physically and heavier than the Canon G10.
  • the KM and it's 18-55 kit lens got a good rating from Pop. Photography and other reviewers
  • I already have a Pentax K10D and thought that it would be of additional value to me, over the other entry DSLR's due to the fact that the KM will fit my other Pentax lenses and accessories- givs me an extra body
  • the KM has a dust reduction system - not sure if the entry Nikon and Canon have this feature
  • the KM has a shake reduction system in the body unlike Canon and Nikon which you have to pay extra in each lens you buy
  • the KM uses the same sensor as the K10D and the pictures are excellent...colours pop and the clarity is of a very high order
  • The price of the KM with 18-55 lens and the Canon G10 were essentially the same (got the KM on sale)...so no contest re: cost per picture quality...but the KM is a bit bigger and heavier , but the KM does not seem overly heavy as a daily carryaround in the camera bag....but I'm a fairly big guy...so to a smaller person...may make more of a difference.
I carry the KM in a small Lowepro bag, pretty well everywhere I go. I only carry the KM body, the 18-55 kit lens and my Pentax 50mm F 1.4 fast lens. This total kit is light, works well and the picture quality seems fine from 100 to 1600 ISO. The KM ISO goes to 3200...I haven't ventured that far yet.

In the end...I would still like to have a Canon G series, but with a larger sensor...even if it made the G a bit bigger.

In my film days I had SLR's and I have and used back then , a smalll, light Leica Rangefinder 35 mm that I carried around .

The difference between the Leica and the Canon G10...the pix of the Leica were as good, if not better than my SLR's...so with excellent design a small 35 mm camera (Leica) can match an SLR (film) or DSLR.

I think eventually Canon will reach that goal with the G series. Other than that I believe the Canon G10 is a wonderful camera, rugged, beautiful to behold...great ability to make settings and adjustments to get the picture you want. I want one, badly...but with a bigger sensor.

But to paraphrase the old song..."Canon...you made the sensor too small..."

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For now, it may be the new Olympus EP-1 is the camera you are thinking about.



There are some rumors Canon is thinking about something like this, but it's in next year's releases.


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