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Default Anyone heard of this lens for the G3?

I just purchased the G3 and I am now broke, so I was looking at a inexpensive generic wide angle lens and I came accross this:

Digital Optics 0.45x Super Wide Angle Lens with Macro

0.45X Professional Wide Angle Lens

High Definition Digital Lens

Professional High Speed Auto Focus

Lens is High Quality Crystal Optics

Lens is Multi-Coated

Auto Focus

Infrared Compatible

High Resolution Precision Optics, Day or Night

Great for Every Type of Photographic Situation

Made in Japan

10 Year Warranty

Does this sound any good? I would suppose that it may not be the best brand but the cost is almost 4X less than the same made by Canon. Can anyone inform me as to what I should be looking for in a wide angle lens? When it says 0.45X, is this better or worse than a lower number (not sure if this value is better higher or lower). The above unit also includes the lens adapter. Has anyone heard of the company Digital Optics? Are all of these lenses generally the same as I will only be using it the odd time so why spend a fortune.

Please advise.
Thank You.
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These lenses have very poor image quality. I assume that you saw them (listed a billoion times) on ebay? You can get some decent deals on ebay if you are patient but that is not one of them.
The opteka's that you see listed a lot are pretty bad too. You might want to consider a tiffen or a raynox if the canon is too expensive.
Fyi the lower the numbet, the wider the angle is. I am not sure if you are farmiliar with slr equivalents but the g3 has a wide angle 35mm equ. of 35mm. You just multiply it. A 0.7x lens will make it 24.5mm equ. A 0.5x lens will make it 17.5mm equ. The lower the number, the wider angle it is. Some of the cheaper lenses overstate the actual power of the lens though.
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Default I see

What do you mean by bad image quality?? Do you know they are bad from first hand experience?? Yes, you are right, I did see them on ebay. And where could I purchase these other brands you speak of. I really appreciate your input, thank you, as I am new to the world of wide angle lenses and all help is welcome.
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I do not have first hand experience but every time I have seen a post from someone that has either of these lens brands, They were very unhappy with the quality. I havent seen shots from that particular lens (that I specifically remember anyway) but I have seen example shots from other digital optics lenses and the pics were really bad (barrel distortion, cloudy images and bad purple fringing).
Here are some web sites to see some of what is avalable.
And of course there are the canon lenses
This is a very popular online seller that probably carries many of these lenses
Here are a couple of others
You can sometimes find some pretty good deals on ebay if you are carfull too.
It wouldn't hurt to check local camera stores too.
Personally I do a lot more with telephoto than with wide angle. I use an olympus lens for wide angle (very good quality but pretty expensive). I use reversed slr lenses for macro (a good way to get very powerfull macro pretty cheap).
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I have ran across a thread that has a link to sample shots with digital optics lenses as well as samples with the canon wc-dc52. It's on a canon a40 (2mp) but it should give you a comparitive point so you can judge for yourself.
Also, here is another happy owner, lol, of digital optics lenses.
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