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Default Bag for SX40 HS

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum and am going to buy a Canon SX40HS. However, I would like some input from you who have the camera and are used to carrying it around. You see, I have a hard time deciding on what bag to buy for the camera. I know Canon suggests one on their site for it, but then I read reviews that it's really a tight fit, and maybe not good for the camera, and that wouldn't be good at all.

The thing is, that I plan to carry it with neckstrap and thus it can't be to large, but neither to small either. Preferrably it would be large enough to be able to hold the lens hood, maybe a lense or two (not necessary) and spare SD card.

As I said, the smaller the better, but not too small. As for myself, I have looked at some LowePro cases, but since I haven't had the opportunity to try them hands-on with a camera, I don't know for sure.

Do you have some thoughts/suggestion on this matter? I'm really interested in getting a good case/bag for the camera as I want to keep it protected. Oh, and carrying it over the shoulder or in a belt isn't an option for me, unfortunately.

Two bags/cases, I find interesting are:

LowePro Rezo TLZ 10
LowePro Edit 110

Again, I have not had the chance to check these out other than online. Would any of these two be good? Any other suggestion?

Thanks in advance.


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Seems like no one here is able to help in this matter, or could it be that everyone who has this camera is busy photographing and hasn't had time to visit the forum. Anyway, since I noticed that there are so many people who have read this thread, I thought I would do an update, just in case someone else is wondering about what case to get to their SX40 HS.

After a lot of searching and comparing different models and brands I finally decided to buy the LowePro Apex 110 AW.

I ended up choosing between this one and another one from LowePro called Rezo 110 AW, but chose the one mentioned above, due to the fact it was slightly larger, and the way the contents are arranged, considering pockets etc. There isn't a lot of difference between these two, but in some reviews it is mentioned that while the Rezo fits, it's on the tight side, especially if you want to have some accessories with you as well. The same goes for the bag/case they recommend on Canon's webpage. It too, fits, but it's a very close fit according to reviewers.

The Apex also has a better rain protection compared with the Rezo, the protective pouch will cover around 97% according to one reviewer while the one the Rezo has, only will protect about 75%. It may be that this isn't a big deal in most cases, but if the need arises, I definitely one who wants to protect my camera as much as possible. Just mentioning it here, as it could be interesting and useful for someone else to know about. Still wondering though why Canon recommends a case/bag which by users is too precise, and a tight really tight fit. I know I haven't any links in this post, but the information should be quite easy to find doing a search in your browser.

At least the search is narrowed down to a few models. There are some other LowePro bags/cases which may be of interest for those who have other preferences than me. The others I found suggesting to fit the SX40 HS, is the Quick Case 100, and Adventura 100, I think.

For the moment, I'm waiting to receive my camera and bag, and will most probably get them next week.

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Hello T.J.:
I'm using a Vanguard Sacoche 2GO 15.
Just enough to put the camera and the battery charger.
This is just good for me. I like to use minimalist container.
Had a Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ7.
Have a Canon Powershot SX40 HS.
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Hi SybalduK,

Thanks for your reply. Although I already have bought a bag, I checked out your suggestion to see what it looks like. Can always be good to know about different bags, if the need arises to get another one.

Anyway, after viewing your bag, and comparing it to mine (a LowePro Apex 110) I see that we have picked quite similar bags. I too, tried to go for as small bag as possible, yet spacious enough for some small accessories as well. Somewhat different in their pockets but from what I see, about the same construction. If you like, take a look at the one I have:

Thanks again for your suggestion. Really interesting to know.

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