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Default battery grip for SX40 HS available? and another question

hey guys.
I've had the SX40 HS for a few months. really hadn't put it to good use until this weekend. for the first time ever I went to Disney World and in 2.5 days took over 1,100 pictures (quite plenty for me).

noticed two things: with the lens fully extended, the camera isn't well balanced. I also ran out of battery the first day (and I HAD A FULLY CHARGED SPARE that I left in the apartment). so I was thinking a battery grip would be wonderful. I can't seem to find one but I maybe be searching for the wrong thing. surely such a thing exists? I loved the battery grip on my 20D and on our Elan 7Ns...wouldn't own a dSLR without a battery grip. please tell me I can get one for the SX40 HS.

second thing, while the lens and picture quality is very good for the price of the camera, i find there was quite a bit of shutter lag. I've had plenty of experience with cameras and dSLRs in the past but for the last 4-5 years i've barely been taking photos so I got kind of rusty. could it be user error? what settings do you recommend that still use the IS while giving me as little shutter lag as possible? I don't do sports or anything like that, but in a spur of the moment capturing the special moment requires a fast shutter!

thanks for any information on either of these questions.
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Shutter lag wasn't something I had any issues with on the SX40,especially when pre-focused. AF speeds naturally slow down with more zoom,but again was never really a problem except maybe in less than ideal lighting.
You could improve shot to shot times significantly by switching off the image review....
As for a battery grip- I haven't heard of one for the SX40, but given the price of such things I'd probably plum for another spare battery- and with regards balance,my guess is manufacturers probably didn't fancy the idea of a grip- making the bijou proportions of a bridge camera less so,thus nullifying one of their advantages...
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