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I am having a problem with my A70. When I turn on the power I get a black screen with a "change battery pack" message. Or I can see an image but there is a red flashing battery icon. I have recharged the batteries and tried another set (also fully charged, but get the same problem. At one point I did get the camera going but after taking 3 pictures I got the change battery pack message again.

any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Dave
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I've had batteries just die. They weren't old at all, they just stopped taking a charge. It's happened to 3 batts so far, all Energizer 2100 mAh. I have 8 Energizer 1850mAh batts, all older than the 2100's, and none have failed yet. I suppose it would be odd if this were your problem, since you've tried two sets, but you might want to check the batts in something like a small flashlight. In my case, the light was dim, or didn't come on at all - the batts were really shot.

You might also want to make sure your battery contacts are clean.

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I just received my Canon A75 a couple of days ago. The Alkalines that came with it lasted for about 100 shots - all indoor low light focusing with flash. I also have a Maha 401FS charger with their 2000mAh batteries as well as Energizer 2300mAh. The 2000mAh lasted for only about 40 shots, mixed conditions. I'm hoping it is because it was the first charge. The Energizers are lasting much longer.

I would first check to see if indeed your batteries are drained down. Check with a volt meter or put them in a flash light and see how bright the light is. If there's still a good charge in the batteries try putting the batteries back in and while the unit is off take out the CF card. Put the card back in, wait a couple of seconds and try powering up. In the end the problem might be in the A70 itself. Hope it works out.

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Also, make surethe battery contacts in the camera aren't just oxidized some, preventing good conductivity to the battery.

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