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Default Best brand memory card for A80?

Hello all. This is my first post on this site. I want to buy the best quality and fastest (As the A80 digicam can handle), memory card. Is one brand of memory card recommended over another? Thank you for your replies.
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Default Welcome!

Welcome to Steve's Digicams!

I prefer SanDisk. Reason being is that they are the original inventors of CompactFlash.

But that's not the only reason. The other reason is because SanDisk cards have never given me a problem and I like there support as well. There prices tend to be more on the higher side. But like the old saying goes..."You often get what you pay for."

These brands are well respected to...

Other important topics not to be overlooked are SIZE and price. Make sure you get the correct size of card for the Canon A80. I would recomend 128MB or 256MB. The 16MB card included with the camera is way too small for anyones needs! The 256MB card will hold about 120 high res pictures as each file for the A80 is around 2MB in size. The 128MB card holds half that...about 60 pictures.

I have (2) 256MB Sandisk cards. They have been working for about 1 1/2 years now with no memory loss problems or compatibility issues whatsoever. Work like new. I use them in multiple devices including my NexIA mp3 player and my Canon A70.

As far as price goes...I look on Pricewatch.com and PriceGrabber.com. These websites are street pricing engines used by many people buying on the web. I hope this helps you out in making your decision. Happy buying!

- CanonGuru -
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I've also used Sandisk and have had no problems.... and PNY as well. PNY also offers a lifetime replacement warranty. I believe Sandisk's is one year.

I have a 128 and a 256 Sandisk, and two 256 PNY's. I bought all of mine in local retail outlets, in some cases as low as $30 (on a 256mb card) after rebate. If you watch the sale flyers, Best Buy, Circuit City, and Staples sometimes have extremely low prices on the cards, coupled with rebates. If you see one, check the competitors' flyer as well because they often have short term 'price wars' to undercut each others sale and draw you into their store.

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Thank you CanonGuru and KevinG for your replies.
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