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Hello all. I've long been a fan of the G1 but mine is starting to have some issues, mostly zooming out... it zooms in fine. I also have a G2 but for whatever reason, even under ideal light, the G1 absolutely takes pictures with more depth of texture. It may be subtle, but it's pretty obvious to my eyes.

Anyway, I've been thinking of picking up a (used obviously) G3-G6 and am leaning towards the G5 or 6 because they are just newer and have had less time to be abused too much. I was planning on a G7 or G9 to get something new, but I'm not considering them anymore because of the lack of articulating LCD. I don't know how I ever got by without it and don't want to even try.

I mostly shoot in ISO50 or 100 and rarely do night shots other than the occasional skyline... no night time action shots. I do regularly use a TTL flash for indoor shots.

Anyway, I'm not a pixel junkie at all... 3MP is plenty for my needs and I don't use my digicam for movies. So... any reason to get the 5 over the 6 or vice versa? I've read the reviews and the 4 or 5 major review sites and the G6 seems only a slight evolutionary step over the 5.

Basically I'm wanting to see if anyone that has gone from the G5 to the G6 has found a reason to stick with the G5. If they both have the same CCD, does the jump from 5 to 7 make much of a real world difference? In all honesty, I'm leaning towards the G5.

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I'd go with the G6. Even though the specs for the lens is identical between the G5 and G6, the G6 has less purple fringing (Canon made some improvements in this area with the G6).

The G6 was the last Canon model that had a lens that bright, too (f/2 on the wide end, only dropping off the F/3 on it's long end). The newer G series models like the G7 have muich dimmer lenses (the G7 starts out at f/2.8, dropping off to a widest available aperture of only f/4.8 when zoomed in all the way).

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Yeah... I definitely know about the lens change. Though I rarely use the largest arperture at the tele end, I have to think that, say, f4 at 140 on the older lenses would have to be a bit better than f4 @ 140 on the G7 or G9.

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