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Default Best pocketable P&S image: S50 vs s400 vs ?

I am looking to make an immediate emergency purchase of a new P&S digital camera. I may use the manual settings, but currently haven't toyed with it much on my Casio QV3000EX (now deceased).

My primary concern is general image quality, including sharpness and accurate saturation (don't like soft images or noise).

In P&S mode, which camera takes the BEST photos? S50, S45 or S400 or other?. (Canon seems best overall among the reviews I've poured through).

Size difference is negliglible to me, of marginal concern, but ultimate image quality is primary. However, pocketability keeps the G3 from consideration. I'd wait for the Sony V1 to be reviewed, but need to make a purchase before then.

Any advice? I can't seem to find a definitive comparison between the S50 and S400. Others to consider? I really like the AA batteries on the A70 but am dissuaded by the image softness. Size is ok.

Need some help on this, over anylization is in loop mode and I need some direction on this. Cost is last consideration (within reason)

Priorities are: 1. generally pocketable (A70 ok, G3 too big) 2. Image quality 3. Durability 4. CF or AA compatible, or other common lith battery 4. Manual Control of features.

Basically, this camera is not for the creation of art as much as the opportunistic discovery of art and preservation of memories, with the highest quality possible.

Thanks in advance for your input!!! and soon! :arrow:
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I'd go with the s45/50 since these have all of the manual controls plus point and shoot and are a step up from the a70 and the s400. The 45 and 50 are as far as i can tell miniturized g3s and they lose none of the image quality in the process.
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I read the 'mini G3' in reviews, yet I don't see the world jumping onboard with that idea around here.

I have to imagine that the G3 lense is more capable, although beyond that it seems all the electronics and software carryover.

I guess that being the case the S50 is the closest to the G3. however, I also read in defense of the S400 that it has a fair bit of manual control, and if the software/hardware is again the same, what do you lose beyond a little manual control?

Shooting at night or low light - Is the S50 any better than the S400? Lense SIZE isn't much different, though it is a different lense. Software reads the same, though some of hte hardware must be smaller, and possibly compromised as a result, or did they just get rid of the parts of the board that handle the additional manual controls of the S50/G3? ergo, in P&S mode, is the end product much different?

Difference in flash capabilities/range?

Some reviews say the S400 is as good as the S45 or even S50 lacking only a few manual controls. Other reviews state that the S50 is a mini G3, and nothing much is given up in image quality, owing in part to the 4MP/large lense G3 vs. 5MP/small lense S50.

The latter analysis doesn't leave room for the argument that the S400 is as good as the S50.

So wherein lies the truth?

For my purposes, and many others, if the S400 is truly as good as the S50/45 in P&S mode, take the additional portability. If image quality IS compromised with the S400, the extra size of the S50 is marginal enough to justify.

Again, feedback much appreciated!
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Default Get the A70, don't look back

Get the A70, don't look back. The prices are falling and my daughter's A60 is wonderful.

All Canon cameras seem to have soft focus. My S-400 is not as sharp as the A60. The S-400 does not have a true iris in the lens so you don't get any depth of field. The A60/70 has a real lens and full manual controls. Plus the A70 takes AA rechargeables ($10 a set).

Plus you can attach accesory lenses on the A70. Can't easily do that on an S-400 or S-50.

If I had thought longer about it at the time, I would have got an A70 instead of this very expensive, and not-so-satisfying S-400.

Buy the a-70 (you can find it for $279 if you shop around) and in a year or two you won't mind upgrading because you won't have that much invested.
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