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dai Dec 2, 2008 7:04 PM


First let me tell you that I own the inexpensive Canon A590. This is my base for comparison purposes.

I just bought a Canon SD1100 from costco (90 day return policy!) Overall, it is a very good camera but when tested against the A590, it was not as good. The SD1100 was blurrier in both the video and the stills. But... the smallness and the ease of use (i can pull it out with one hand and "feel" all my buttons, its so easy to memorize) has value. The body is "slippery" so i can do 360 degree movies of my kid by maneuvering with one hand.

Now I read on dpreview and other websites that the SD770 might produce a tad higher quality stills and videos over the SD1100.

Then I read that the SD880 was even better and has wide angle abilities but when i read all the user reviews on amazon, they complained that the SD880 messed up quite a bit and it may be due to the new digic 4 processor it uses.

Does anyone here have first hand experience in using and comparing the SD1100, the SD770, or the SD880?

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