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I had a look at IMG_0148.jpg. This camera has chromatic aberration. It is noticeable in the tree branches at the top and right corner (blue fringing). It may also have a misaligned lens or CCD, as the left side is quite out of focus (many cameras are less than great in the corners). We have an A40 with a similar problem that has just been returned to Canon for service or exchange. For a sample of another chap's problem in this regard, see
and read the related thread at


Update: See my post on the other S230 blur thread in this forum. I now think the IMG_0148 problem may have been condensation on the lens, not a misalignment and maybe not even chromatic aberration !!!

The IMG_0120 problem is simply that the left side of the book is farther from the lens than the right side and depth of field is inadequate at these close quarters to keep both distances (short as they are) in focus.

Same with KiwiCloseup.jpg: the camera is focussed on the legs, putting the head, which is closer, out of focus due to the limited depth of field at this short lens to subject distance. If there had been something as far again beyond the legs, it also would have been out of focus (but a bit less so). There is more depth of focus behind the focussing point than in front: the usual rule of thumb is to focus about 1/3 of the way into the subject. Example:
camera here: (X) subject here: (-----|----------)
(point to focus on is at | )
There is one exception to this rule: when taking closeups of live creatures, it is usually best to focus on the nearest eye unless you are striving for a special effect.
TestOffice2.jpg is sharp all the way across, except for the normal lens loss of sharpness at the extreme edges (for about 1 inch on each side at full size).this is really only noticeable in the thin plant fronds at the upper right edge.
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Please see my posts on the thread about "Canon Repair Experience" that mentions a similar blurry pic problem with a Powershot A40.



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See my update to my previous post above. You'll see I made many edits until I thought I had expressed myself as clearly as possible, even to a "newbie" ;-)
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Default Thank you!

Thank you so much for your responses!

MentorRon, a special thank you to you for putting so much effort into the review of and feedback on my photos. It's people like you who make others want to learn more about and love photography.

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If we dont get this checked out or fixed, will it get worse later? Unfortunately I'm a victim, too.
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