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Default Blurry shots on S230

I am having trouble getting consistent good pictures with my S230. I have a lot of blurry ones and any movement in the scene will be blurry for sure. I've tried different speeds but usually leave it on auto. Nothing seems to make much difference.

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I had the same problem where about 50% of my pictures were totally out of focus (not just blurry like in a low light situation). This seems to be a common problem with this camera. I my opinion, I think the problem has to do with the 9 point AiAF system. When I contacted Canon, they simply said return the camera to the vendor for a replacement. I returned it for the S330 and it has worked flawlessly (except for major noise in indoor shots).
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Unfortunately, all digital cameras give 'blurry' pictures to a greater or lesser degree. You have to hold the camera very still as the slightest amount of handshake will throw the focusing off. Try and brace yourself in a doorway, or against a wall or similar. If you have a tripod then use it. Also try and get as much light into your scene as possible as digital cams suffer from noise in low light conditions. What looks like a well lit room to our eyes is many times darker to a camera. Keep the ISO between 50 and 100 and keep the shutter speed to around 1/60 to 1/100, any faster and the amount of light entering the camera will decrease.

Rimbo 8)
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I have the same low light/blur problems with my S230. I only have the problem if I use the night flash, or under certain manual settings.

If I shoot in auto mode the pics are great.
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Old Mar 4, 2003, 4:21 AM   #5
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Default Blury

:? This has been said before (by myself and others), but because the camera is very small, and because the typical person will hold the camera out in front of them to view through the LCD rather than up against their head to look through the viewfinder, the camera will pick up unconcious body movement. Much more than bigger cameras.

Here's some tips
1. Keep your arms braced with your elbows against your body.
2. Hold the camera with both hands, firmly.
3. Be sure to pre-focus the camera (let the camera's autofocus lock on)
4. Be sure the pre-focus locks on to the right object (ie. whatever it is you want in focus). The camera may focus on something other than your intended focus point.
5. Brace the camera on something solid and use the self-timer if you absolutely want the image sharp (provided your subject isn't moving a lot).
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