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My wife reported that our 610 no longer has its lens-cover components, so I'm in the same boat. The camera still works fine, but the lens (as said above) is unprotected.

I'm wondering....Is there some kind of plastic cap that I could put over the whole lens assembly when the camera isn't in use?

I'd be willing to remove the plastic ring around the outside of the motorized lens assembly if needed.

Generally, from what I understand, one would remove this ring in order to put other lenses on the camera. I'm not interested in other lenses, but if there were a cheap plastic lens cap that would stay on via friction, that would be great.

Any ideas?
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Interestingly enough, I made a lens cover using that ring. I cut a circular piece of thin cardboard the same diameter as the narrower (front) side of the ring and glued it to the ring. Not pretty and you can easily forget to remove the cover when you turn on the camera but it works. To avoid this I made sure to place the camera in playback mode whenever I turned it off to avoid the lens from extending if I forgot to remove the cover. I used this cover for a few weeks until I finally sent the camera for repair.
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