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I have a 30D Canon that gave me the "fatal error of death"message about a year ago. I contacted Canon via e-mail, was given specific instructions how to ship the camera, advised to get insurance for shipping protection, given the facilities address in NJ, etc. I shipped my camera in, they made the repairs in a timely fashion (back home to me within a week's time), they installed their latest firmware updates into the camera and all the while they kept me informed via e-mail messages of the whereabouts and expected time for my repair work, all performed under the warranty stated by Canon. The service repairman even included a detailed letter with my camera stating what had been done and an itemized listing of parts inserted, etc.

Certainly there are extremes for any particular product, but my personal experience was gratifying and I believe that Canon performed exceptionally well given my problem circumstances. Had I known that Canon would respond in the particular fashion they did I would have shipped my camera off to them quicker as I sat around mulling my options, worrying about what it might cost and the time frame I anticipated it would take.

But given the purchase cost of a good digital Canon EOS camera or ANY high end camera or equipment for that matter, it IS scary to make a major purchase and think about or experience a defect with something you purchase whether it be a digital camera, computer, etc. Nobody wants to take a hit and it's a gut wrenching, empty experience when you are told the equipment is basically worthless and there is nothing they can do for you. I had that happen with a low end digital camera about 8 years ago that I purchased "refurbished" off of Ebay.

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