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Default buying the G2

I am considering purchasing a G2 in the near future. I've read the reviews on both the G2 and the G3, and I and don't think G3 will have any features or improvements that I desperately need- but I'm not positive, so please correct me if I'm wrong. My next question is, is the G3 a replacement for the G2, and will Canon stop producing the G2? Do I need to be in a big hurry to get my G2 before the G3 hits stores? Or should I wait for that so the prices will be even lower? Thank you!
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I havent seen a G3, so Im basing the following on what I have read and my intuitions.

I think the improvements in the G3 are more than what the basic (ie megapixels and zoom) indicate. I would imagine that there would be improvements in picture quality, noise reduction and camera speed (amongst other things) in the G3.

Since the G3 is coming out at same (or similar price) to the G2, I would suggest you are best off waiting a few weeks for a G3, because it should be worth the wait (even to get the 4x zoom, if no other reason). The only reason to get a G2 would be if you are in a desperate hurry and just need to have a digicam RIGHT NOW.

I would say even if you're going for a G2, you could make good savings after the G3 has been released. This is due to shops trying to clear out old G2 stocks, also at this time there will probably be good deals around on 2nd hand G2s..

I am not a Canon owner (I have a Kodak DC4800), but I have had my eye on the G2 for a long time (more manual control type features). But now that the G3 is about to come out, I am drooling over that. I myself and tossing up whether I should try to pick up a cheap 2nd hand G2, or one in a sellout as the G3 comes in, or whether I should spend the extra cash on the G3!

Amazing how the age-old upgrade cycle we associate with PCs, has worked its way into digital cameras too!
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I bought the G2 on ebay last month for $625 and it included 96mb CF card , a bag, card reader and 6 YEAR WARRANTY!!! (ChoiceOneDigital)

I love it! I beleive there is no difference in pixel size (4mp), just some features and improvements. Don't know what they can improve?

If you're rich, get the G3. Otherwise you will be happy with the G2. If you have never tried ebay auctions, give it a try. Four of us at work bought G2s from 3 different suppliers and all three were delivered as promised, saving each of us hundreds of dollars (G2 at Best Buy or Fryes is $699 + tax and only the Camera with a one year warranty). There is not tax on auctions! Shipping is around $25.00 (no big deal) :lol:
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I am a G2 owner, (silver model). The G2 is a good camera and I am now going to recommend it as a camera to be purchased at work. I am also looking carefully at the Minolta Dimage S404. The decison to stay with the G2 was a battery issue. The G2 is well powered.
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