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Like many of u guys i'm looking forward to the release of the S2 and *hoping* its what i'm looking for (decent zoom you know the drill i'm sure!), one thing i don't know is whether the LCD/EVF gains up in lowlight, or whether there is a setting that will make the LCD actually work in low light conditions (like adjusting brightness or somethin but ideally it would do it auto.) as this is an important factor for me in buying a camera. I know that Kodak Z740 is supposed to be very good at doing (seems to be the only ultra zoom with a AF assist lamp and a LCD/EVF that gains up unless i missed one) this but i can't say i'm too keen on it's manual settings.

Obviously the S2isn't out just yet (or not widely)so figured the best way to find out about the "gaining up" is to ask the S1 owners if there was anyproblemswith the gaining up (then i wud hope it's fixed for the S2). :?


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My Canon S1 gains up nicely in low light. I use it almost exclusively with the evf (elec. viewfinder).

I do find the resolution of the evf is way too low, so I am usually surprised how good the photos look when I finally see them on my computer. The S2 looks no better in this aspect, as the evf rating is only 1k pixels higher than the S1.
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I agree with cdlots.

The problem is rather using the S1 IS in very bright light conditions as it's very difficult to see the screen.

Another common complaint about the S1 is the slow reaction time of the EVF. It's difficult to follow a fast-moving object (try following a bird in full flight, you'll see what I mean!)
and that the display briefly freezes when a picture is taken.

I don't know if this problem has been addressed with the S2.
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I have to agree, the S2's lcd and evf are pretty bad in bright light (sunlight)...very hard to see in sunlight.

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