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Default camera body and lens

I am moving from 30 years of 35mm film (hobby) to digital and quickly moving past point and shoot. I am considering the Digital Rebel but without their included lens. I would like something faster and I know it is more expensive. My question: if I'm going to spend $900 on a camera body and $1000+ on a lens should I just move up to the Canon 10D or Nikon D100? Is the Rebel body worth saving $500-600? I have always considered the lens more crucial than the body with film but this might be different with digital.
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You probably want to ask this in the Canon DSLR section further down the list.

I have the 10D and love it. I wouldn't trade it in for the Rebel. But for others, the missing features in the Rebel are not missed and they like the savings.

You'll have to tell us what you shoot and in what situations before we can say what is good and what isn't.

Personally, the day I got my 10D, I paid the same amount for 1 lens. It was expensive, but worth it (100-400L.)

A replaceable lens camera is a system, including lens, flash and all the other accessories. You should view it that way (and it sounds like you do.) I wouldn’t say the lens is more important than the camera… but in some ways it is. A good lens will last you 10 years or more. That rule applies for film and digital. A bad lens will drag down a good camera. So it is very important.

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