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Default Which camera Canon A70 or Kodak 6340/6440

Hi i'm new here, looking to upgrade my camera in the new year. Right now I have a sony FD71. I have narrowed my choices dow to the Canon A70, the Kodak 6340, or the Kodak 6440. I am planning on purchasing the Canon I960 printer first because it's the best printer i have seen to print pictures in any size edge to edge and it's fast. Now i like the a70 for it's pictbridge connection to that printer, But I am not keen on the canon soft image quality, though a quick run through microsoft picture it i can sharpen it up a bit. I alos like the Kodaks for there ease of use and the docking station. just leave the camera in the docling station and it's always charged. My father has the Kodak 6340 with the printer dock, and I think the pictures come out very clear, sharp and ultra vibrant, although I read numerous critis that say the kodaks come out too vigrant and over saturates the images. most artifacts on the kodaks are not noticible in 4x6 prints but largly noticible in 8x10 or larger. I haven't noticed it yet on my fathers so I don't know. I will be takeing mostly pictures of family and my daughter, I will be blowing up the image to 8x10 on occasion when a picture comes out really nice, i will be mainly printing out for scrapbooking. I will aso want a decent movie mode, dosn't have to be extensive, I have a video camera that i read video in the computer, i then want to use pinnicle studio 8 to stitch video to pictures to the mini movies from the camera and output to DVD. my thinking is that if we go on vacation i can take the camcorder in some areas, but in others i don't have to lug the camcorder around and still get video. if I go kodak i definitly plan on getting the printer dock. if I go canon I have more compatibility with my new printer. what do you think would be a better choice for me? right now I can go eiter way I see the good points in each and i am torn.
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I am also trying to do what you want to do (write videos and stills to DVD) only with an HP Photosmart 635. I have made a few posts to see if anyone has been successful with this, but so far no replies ... good luck to us both.
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My personal opinion is to stay far, far away from Kodak. I had a 4.0 megapixel DX4900 and it worked GREAT for the first 9 months~ I was in love with this camera. Then the problems started~ more and more blurry/grainy pictures to the point 75% of them were deleted. I was doing nothing different in my picture taking. Also, the battery life is so terrible and was from the beginning, and I did have the docking station and rechargeable batteries. I would take maybe 17 pictures and then get the low battery warning. Sit the camera on the dock and the message "Good battery level" would come up on the computer! Even if moments before the camera had died on me. I also belong to another message board and have heard many people having problems with Kodak cameras and returning them. I just have lost trust with that company. Consumer Reports has a listing of camera manufacterers and how they rate on repair history~ Kodak is fourth from the bottom (worst) out of eleven manufs. Canon is second from the top (best), 2nd only to Sony.

I've been reading thousands (it seems) of reviews on digital cameras to decide what to buy to replace my Kodak. It came down to the Canon A70 and the A80~ both have rave reviews. Out of the two you are considering, I would definately go with the Canon A70.
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One thing I dont like about the Kodaks is they only use a high level of jpeg compression. Canon gives you 3 levles. Superfine is virtually jpeg aritfact free. I'd take a Canon over Kodak any day.
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