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charliecalbear Apr 6, 2010 4:17 AM

Camera most similar to Canon SD700IS
Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself before I rant about my predicament. I have been visiting it since I was in high school to get product recommendations, and I am now 25 years old so it has been a while. Least to say this this forum been so beneficial throughout the years, and every camera I've bought since I was 16, I've consulted with you guys.

Anyway, I have had my SD700IS for 4 years, and I accidentally broke the screen out of carelessness. What I like about the 700IS: the accuracy and quality of the photos was amazing; it took great HD-like video; it was compact; and it was one of the very first P&S with IS. [RIP 700is]

I was hoping to keep it til it no-longer worked mechanically. I think I paid $400 for it back in 2006. But now I need to replace it. Before there were not too many options. But now there's a slew of cameras that look like it: 780, 940 (which I've read is a no-go), 980, 1200, 1300, 1400, etc. etc.

-$300 is a good price point. I already have an XSi and don't really need anything too fancy.
-I do not care about HD video
-I DO care about good indoor shooting/low light shooting
-Color accuracy is a must too

i hear the ZS3 is a great choice too, but i'm fond of canon because I am familiar with their menus. And other brands menus look weird and not as clear. But that is another one I am considering. I just like to travel light and I hear that thing is bulky.

mtclimber Apr 6, 2010 11:24 AM


Why not take a good look at the Canon S-90. It appears that the S-90 comes closest to you specifications.

Sarah Joyce

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