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Hello everyone,

Hope someone can direct me to a site for my camera problem. The canon powershot a470 is telling me to change the two double A batteries. I did, and received the same message. So I used my battery tester and the batteries are fine. Is this a known problem.

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Not sure which post to reply to, since you asked the same question 3 times, so I'll try here.

Did you try other batteries?

the Hun

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Yes, I tried new fresh batteries.
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Welcome to the forums.

Please do not post the same question more than once. When you do that, the replies become scattered between multiple threads, which makes it difficult for members responding since they may not notice other posts about the same issue. Posting the same thing more than once is known as "cross posting".

So, I've removed the thread you started in the Contact Steve's Forum, removed one of the two threads you started in the Welcome! Introduce yourself here Forum, and moved the other thread you started there down to our Canon forum, where you'll likely find users of this camera model that can give you suggestions on batteries.

From Steve's hands on review of your camera model, it appears that it's a relatively high current draw model (with around 100 photos using NiMH Batteries). You'll see these comments in the review conclusion section:


Supplying the power for the A470 are two standard AA type batteries. Instead of using standard alkaline batteries, we recommend high-capacity NiMH rechargeable batteries. Even though these batteries do not last as long as a proprietary lithium-ion battery pack, rechargeable AA batteries are much cheaper and in a bind you can always use any type AA battery. Using two NiMH batteries I was able to capture roughly 100 images, a couple videos and complete all of our tests on a single charge. It is recommended that you keep spare batteries and a high speed charger handy whenever you are shooting.
Short Answer. It's probably a battery issue. I'd probably get a set of high capacity rechargeable NiMH batteries along with a good charger for them. See this page here at Steve's:


Here's a quote from it:

The first thing a new digicam owner quickly realizes is that those AA alkaline batteries included with their camera are next to worthless. I've gotten many emails from folks who wondered if their cameras were defective because they only got 20 or so shots before the batteries crapped out.

Today's digital cameras are extremely high-drain devices. The batteries must power a color LCD, a motorized zoom lens, an autofocus system, the multi-megapixel imager and the associated processing hardware.

The answer is simple ... use high power NiMH rechargeable batteries.
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