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Default Can the A60 make photo quality 8x10?

Whatís the largest print out the A60 can do at photo quality? Iíve heard it can do an 8x10, but is that at photo quality?
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I have an a40 (2mp) like the a60 and an a70. I cannot quote you the figures on exactlly why (I have never really cared about how the resolution translates to a certain size technically), but no it can not do photo quality 8x10's. That does not mean that it can not do 8x10 though. Are you trying to decide what your camera can do, or looking to purchase a camera?
Everybody's eyes and eye site varies. That why I do not like figures. I have generally come to believe that the human eye is capable (on average) of seeing 300dpi. I have heard arguments concerning dysub that 400dpi looks beter and more defined than 300dpi. I have heard people say that most people (discussing resizing for printing) won't know the diffrence above 200dpi. Somebody check my math because to get a 300dpi x 300dpi image at 8x10 I get 7.2 megapixel.
My personal experience though, if you print an 8x10 from a 2mp camera, and put it on the wall, it will look like a photograph. If someone likes the photo and comes for a closer look or it is on your desk, you will see the limited resolution and personally I can see the j-peg compression without looking hard. It will look decent but will not stand up to close (the person is standing next to it) viewing. The a70 is adequate for 8x10. A person could stand next to a photo and say that looks like a photo. Joe blow looking at it and even looking kind of close, it will look like a photo. I even think it does 8.5x11 pretty well. Might a higher resolution photo/print look beter side by side.... sure, but the 3.2mp 8x10 will look like a photograph and will fool the untrained eye (especially on ilford smoth gloss, my favorite).
Obviouslly a professional print from a dslr image will yeild beter results but I think that the 3.2mp image would easilly pass for a lab print to the average eye.
Just my 2 cents worth.
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what do you think?
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I agree. My daughter has the A40 2mp camera. A 2mp camera is good for 4x6 and maybe up to 5x7. You need at least a 3mp camera to produce sharp 8x10s.

Nikon 5700
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