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RyanA Jan 5, 2003 12:31 PM

Cannon Elf Powershoot S230 vs. Olympus D-40 Zoom
I am having trouble deciding between the Cannon Elf powershoot S230 or the Olympus Camedia D-40 Zoom. I really like the style and compactness of the Cannon but have read in reviews that it lacks sharpness and shoots out of focus mildly. On the other hand , I havent read any bad reviews on the Image Quality of the Olympus but it is not so pocketable due to its thickness. My major concern is the Image Quality , is the Olympus that much better? I dont plan on printing anything larger than 8x10 , so the 4 megapixil Olympia is really not necessary.I really like the ability to put a camera inconspicuously in my pocket , but i would sacrifice having a bulge in my pocket for a better Quality picture.Bottom line:Which camera produces better Image Quality ? Keep in mind that these pics are primarily going to be loaded on my computer.Great thanks to whoever replies.Ryan :?

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