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I just bought a cannon powershot A95 online. I took some test pictures and tried to review them. So, I turned the switch to the "play" mode. This won't bring up the pictures taken on a consistent basis. Sometimes it does and I can go through and review all the pictures but sometimes I'm unable to do so. In fact, sometimes, it allows me to take pictures while in "play" mode.

Also, the batteries died on me the same day. These were brand new batteries that came with the camera. It's not like I was taking a lot of pictures or the camera was on for a long time.

Is this a defective camera or am I missing something?

Please help...


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Seethe Rechargeable Batteries pagewith links to reviews of popularmodels like the Maha Chargers and Powerex Batteries availablefrom Thomas Distributing.

Here is a quote from this page:

The first thing a new digicam owner quickly realizes is that those AA alkaline batteries included with their camera are next to worthless. I've gotten many emails from folks who wondered if their cameras were defective because they only got 20 or so shots before the batteries crapped out.

Today's digital cameras are extremely high-drain devices. The batteries must power a color LCD, a motorized zoom lens, an autofocus system, the multi-megapixel imager and the associated processing hardware.

The answer is simple ... use high power NiMH or Li-ion rechargeable batteries.
I would be concerned if the camera didn'tworkproperly if the mode dial was in the wrong position. But, this may have been a problem withtrying to use Alkaline batteries if they were mostly discharged when the problems occured, versus a problem with the mode dial switch contacts.

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As JimC said, alkaline batteries in digital cameras are just not good... Mine lasted about 40shots, whereas, my NiMH batteries lasted 284 shots on their FIRST use. You should expect your rechargeable batteries should last at least 300-400 shots when they reach their full potential(after about 5 cycles). So really using alkaline batteries should be done ONLY if you have no other choice, as an emergency solution.

I'm unsure of the reason why you could take pictures in play mode... surely someone will be able to better explain this to you... or perhaps, as Jim mentionned, it could be related to the discharged alkaline batteries.
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