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I need help with my camera or my picture taking.. I have a canon 610 powershot and the red eye assist is ON however when I'm taking pictures of 3 year old girl who has bright blue eyes , red eyes are showing on the pics ..

Is there another setting I need to change?? Or am I taking the picture wrong? I have the setting set on Automatic so I'm not doing anything specail..

If anybody could please help that would be great..

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there really is no point and shoot digacam with a built in flash that is not going to produce redeye. The flash is just too close to the lens. The redeye assist features will sometimes reduce redeye, but you won't see a camera that advertises redeye elimination, only redeye reduction. When you are taking your 3 year olds picture she is looking straight at that camera more than likely and that flash flashes directly into those baby blues. Then that nasty old flash reflects off the retina of her eyes and magically her beautiful blue eyes come out looking red. If you can distract her attention away from the camera where she is looking at something above and to one side of the camera your chances of eliminating the redeye will be better.
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I guess I'llhave to do a ton of post-processing red-eye removal in photoshop. I think red-eye it is the one weakness of this Canon series. I do get the occasional good shot without any red-eye, and that is usually by the red-eye adjustment on the flash - where the red light shines on your subject before the picture is taken.

Actually - I just looked it up real quick and here is an article on the subject:

http://reviews.cnet.com/Canon_PowerShot_A610/4869-6501_7-31475448.html?messageSiteID=7&messageID=150280 2&cval=1502802;1576463&ctype=msgid;cmsgid& amp;commentMessageID=1576463
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