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I am buying a new camera this weekend. I had my hopes set on the Canon A520. It has all the features that I want, and its gotten some pretty good reviews also. Basically what I was looking for was the Shutter Priority and Aperture Priority. I also like the fact that you can add another lense to it, but this is not such a big deal. OK, now my problem. It is a clearance item at all the stores around here and may not be in stock when I get home this weekend. So I started to look at the A530. As near as I can tell the A530 does not have the Shutter and Aperture priority. I have downloaded the manuals to both cameras, and looked through them, but am still a little confused. There are some sites that say that Canon removed this feature from the A530, and some say it is there. I don't know what to beleive anymore. - Basically, putting megapixels aside, which camera offers better control in manual mode. Which camera is gonna allow me to take better pictures the way I would like to?
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It does look like those modes have been removed from the a530, don't know why.

What is the price range you are looking at, because the a610 can be had for $219.
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I am looking up to about $250 cdn. I don't really have a huge budget for this, but I wanted something with the most features as I, like many others, would love to get into photography and learn more about it and was looking for a camera that was more flexible than just point and shoot. The A610 goes for about $350 here, and it is just too far out of the budget for me. Even the A540 is $350 here.
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Shame as the A540 is a really good lil camera and it does a very good job for what it is.
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If you really want to start learning aobut the finer points of photography, then I would recommend the 520 over the 530. It has full manual controls, which the 530 does not have. It is a very capable camera, small and easy to transport around, and it has pretty good battery life (provided you use NiMH rechargeables and not alkalines.)
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