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baumgrenze Feb 24, 2018 11:35 PM

Canon A590IS Manual Mode LCD Focus Display
I apologize if my terms are not exact. I'm here because I can't answer my question by reading the manual.

The way my A590IS is currently configured, in Manual Mode there is a generally very useful fine focus area in the center of the LCD display. I want to know if I can temporarily disable it.

I have the camera on a tripod. I'm working in a cramped space where I can't get my eyes at right angles to the display. In detail, I'm trying to photograph the pilot light in a water heater through a 1" diameter porthole. The space is also pretty dark, so I'm changing parameters by 'feel' (trying to remember which button does what in the dark.)

The optics of the display are such that I can't see anything in the center of the LCD (practically black.) This makes it very hard to center the image and get any sense of improvements in focus. I can estimate the distance.

I also don't understand what I am doing that frequently causes the camera to change sub-modes. In the manual setting it offers normal, macro, and manual focus sub-modes. It makes no sense to me why the first two are offered if they depend on auto-focus and the mode is manual. I've come to use the manual focus so I can (within the limits of the available light) maximize the depth of field and select the focal point. I find that I've about got a shot set up and suddenly I'm no longer in manual focus and I need to start over again.

Thanks for any insights any more experienced photographers can offer.

I'm still finding it hard to transition from my OM-1 and OM-4 with their split image focusing screen in the view finder. That said, seeing the image in 'real time' vs waiting to develop the film is a major step forward.


Shinnen Jul 5, 2018 12:53 PM

I assume that you are no longer interested in this, after 5 months?
.... john

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