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tolpuppy Aug 17, 2003 2:54 PM

canon a60

My mom has given me money to choose and buy a digicam. ( see previous thread) She is eighty one and wants something that has good image quality and is more or less point and shoot with a decent zoom. most of the pics would be of real estate for her business. I am leaning toward the A60. How does it perform in low light? should I go for 3mp and get the a70?

Thanks for help!

yoggi Aug 17, 2003 4:12 PM

hi tolpuppy,
whats the secret to your'e moms success?
she's 81 years old...and still deals in real estate? :)
more pixels = clearer photographs
i.e you get what you pay for

kex Aug 17, 2003 4:16 PM


Originally Posted by yoggi
more pixels = clearer photographs

I wouldn't say so.
more pixels = bigger photos. but small photos can be as clear as high resolution photos.
It depends on the lenses and all that stuff, wether the picture is clear or not.

tolpuppy Aug 17, 2003 7:58 PM

My mom would say the secret to her success is to work and pray and pray and work and then do it some more! I'm very proud of her. :D Thanks for the replies!

Melboz99 Aug 17, 2003 10:15 PM

Hey Tolpuppy,

I own the A70, and it does very well in low light. I have acually gotten good sharp photos from hand holding with my arms resting on a table for upto 1/2 second. And with a tripod, you can get very sharp photos with not too much noise all the way up to 15 seconds! One of the nice things about Canon cameras that is not true about many other brands is that it has a built in auto focus assist lamp. This will help in many low light situations. If the af assist isn't close enought to your subject, like if she's taking a photo of a large room, then manual focus will help.

Personally, I try to stay clear of the 200 and 400 ISOs though. They tend to have excessive noise. I'm not sure how this is on most cameras.

Something the A60 has that will help a lot in real estate is the lens adapter ring. With this, she can add a wide angle converter. I can't remember the specks on it, but I'm pretty sure it goes less than 28mm. The A60 has a wide angle of 35mm by default.

The main thing she has to decide before choosing between the A60 and A70 is her final print size. The A60 will make an OK 8x10 at 160ppi. The A70 will make a much better 8x10 at 205ppi, that's 28% better resolution on the print.

If all she is going to make is 5x7, then the A60 is your answer, unless she is going to crop often. The 5x7 will be at 228ppi on the 5x7, 300ppi is the most you will ever get out of your average printer.

Hope you find the best camera for your mother. I am truly amazed that she has decided to go digital. My mother is 60 years old, and is deathly afraid of computers and other electronics.

Dan O.

tolpuppy Aug 17, 2003 10:28 PM

Hey Dan!

Thanks for the great info! I think the a60 will fill the bill. Most of the pictures will be used for internet posting of her listings. She loves new technology but doesn't have the time to learn about all the bells and whistles hence the need for a point and shoot. Thanks again. :D

Melboz99 Aug 17, 2003 11:43 PM

Hey Tolpuppy,

The A60 will probably have to have it's images downsized to put on the net. Most people do not want to wait longer than the time required to download more than 100 kilobytes.

I suggest that if you get the A60, you download IRFanview for her and show her how to resize all her photos to 800x600 or smaller, and compress them to 25%. This should create files no more than 70k.

As for point and shoot, the A60 is not exactly a point and shoot camera, however, it can be used that way very effectively. Just switch it to P (program auto) or Auto (Full Auto) and she can shoot effectively in most circumstances. You may want to buy her a tripod, as I know some rooms in certain houses can be quite dark. A $20 plastic one should be more than enough for her, and will also be very easy to use.

Something that will also make it easier for her to use the camera is Windows XP. With XP all she has to do is plug the camera into her USB port and XP will ask guide her along from there. My sister knows nothing about computers, but she finds it very easy to upload photos to her PC using XP.

One reason she may want to learn about things like arpeture priority and shutter priority is because the A60 most often chooses Shutter speed over arpeture in the auto modes. This can be a problem when shooting large rooms, where maximum depth of field is needed.

It's really easier than you might think to turn the dial to Av and use the left/right arrows to choose a higher arpeture. I was about to suggest another possibilty which is switching it to landscape and shoot, but I just checked that and it seems in my basement it chooses an arpeture of 2.8. This should still work in bright lit rooms, but you may just want to show her just one method of choosing a higher arpeture to keep is simple.

One other note is that the arpeture priorty mode will only choose a shutter speed of up to one second. You will have to show her how to go full manual if she is going to need to shoot in dark basements and still keep her large dof. There is really no way I know of to go around this. For example, most point and shoots will never go above 1 sec, and film cameras would probably have to be set manually as well.

To give you some idea of just how dark some rooms can be, my basement needs a Shutter speed of 2.5 seconds to keep the large dof of f/5.6. This type of shot can only be done in 2 modes, shutter priority and full manual. I don't know of any digicam where this is not the case.

Hope all this digital stuff is not to advanced for your mother,
Dan O.

tolpuppy Aug 18, 2003 8:47 AM


Is there another 2 megapixel camera you would reccomend?

Melboz99 Aug 18, 2003 9:27 AM

There are other 2mp cameras, however, to do what she wants to do she is going to need to use those Av, Tv and M settiings. I really don't know of an easier camera to do that, and still maintain the great quality of image that the A60 has.

She just won't get the pictures she wants from a Fuji a 205, because she won't be able to get the large dof in darker rooms. The A205 of course, is at the low end of the spectrum. The G2 is an older camera by Canon, and from what I understand, it's also more complicated. The G2 of course, is at the high end.

Why don't you find a store that will let you try out the A60 and have her use it for a day. It's really not that hard to lower the arpeture, but then agian, I have no idea how your mother gets along with electronics.

Here is the A60 on
Notice you also get a free mini-tripod.

kex Aug 18, 2003 9:45 AM


Originally Posted by Melboz99

Here is the A60 on
Notice you also get a free mini-tripod.

It's unfair, that it's that more expensive here in europe. I got it for 265. without any extra equipement.

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