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Default Canon a60-a70


Ive had a lot of fun with my Hp Photosmart 620... but..

Something just made me take a peek over at the Canon a60-a70 cameras.

Now 2.1MP is great for me, the more the better of course, but the hp lacks in Macro feature and add-on lenses. Another thing that caught my eye with the Canon series is the Adjustable Apeture and the ISO settings.

I tend to like manual features over the automatic stuff.

The movie with sound I care not for....

Now, is the _main_ difference between the a60 and the a70 the
a) resolution?
b) 5 point autofocus?

Cause honastly, if I can get those little manual changes + the abilities to use add-on lenses in a camera , I will definately switch to canon.

Though I'd have to figure out how to exchange my SD card for more CF cards

Anyone else wana shed some light on this subject? Reasons why I should look at the canon's over the little hp camera I have?

Do I even need the 5-point AF? The higher resoluton would be nice, but at the moment, 8x11 pictures are probally the largest I would ever get printed at this time. Which I believe the 2.1MP handles.

I'll be taking a look over at the prices of the canons tomorrow in canadian dollars.

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As far as ive seen, the a60 should be fine for you as the main difference is in resolution and price. As for the sd cards got to http://www.shopping.hp.com/cgi-bin/h...#defaultAnchor for an adapter to use your sd cards in a cf camera.
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hello ! I live in Vancouver and am currently shopping around for a dig cam. I am wondering if you know any good places that i can get a dig cam at bargain price in the city?

i think this will also help u a bit
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Well over at London Drugs the Canon a60 is selling for $399

Their staff is extremely knowledgable and friendly. Their not on commission sales so there is no pushiness.

Its a good buying environment!

I will probally be picking up this camera later this week.

Thanx for the info about the SD->CF adapter

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Ok little update,

I got the Canon PS a60 camera and its cool. The only difference from it and the a70 is the resolution. The a60 is 2.0MP and the a70 is at 3.0MP.

Both have the canon AiAF 5 point system, both do movies w/ sound, although the a70 does 640x480 max and the a60 is 320x240 max)

The size is smaller than my old HP Photosmar 620, but the canon is also in a nice aluminium case and fits better in one hand.

Now reading the manual, it says that the 3.0MP is better for doing 8.5x11 prints. And that 2.0 is designed better for 4x6 prints. Since I won't be doing much printing or getting prints for me it will hopefully be good. At most I think I would get printed is a 5x7 which it should be able to handle. A friend of mine has a 2.0MP digicam and she does do 8.5x11 prints but mentioned they can become kind of grainy.

I'm happy so far, can't wait to start using it!!
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