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jaydee Mar 14, 2003 11:05 AM

Canon A60 now in Canada
I just called Futureshop, here in London,ON & they have 5 Canon A60 that just arrived this morning. After my coffee I'm heading out & buy one. I'm not sure if I can justify the extra $115.00 for the A70 as most if not all my pics with be printed in 5x7.
Hey, "Dave from Canada" try the A60 I think you'll like it, but it depend on yer needs.
I also would like to thank all of you fine people in helping me.

jaydee Mar 14, 2003 1:54 PM

I just got back from buying the A60, it's noticeably smaller than the A40, I took some pics already & the first one was VERY much out of focus, don't know why, but the next 5 or so very good. There is absolutely no red eye as a reveiwer has said on another site, atleast none that I have seen in the 6 pics I took of my better half. I haven't taken any outside pic either to see about this purple fringe problem the reviewer also spoke of.
There a lot more to learn about in this camera, (more bells & whistle) on this as to the A40. So its off to the bathroom with the manual. I will let others know what I think about this camera. in the next few days with a update.

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