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hayduke Nov 24, 2005 3:49 PM

I was all ready to buy a Powershot S2 IS when I came across the Powershot A610. They seem very similar in many regards. My main requirements were a 5MP+ camera, that shoots unlimted length movies at 640x480, and shoots better indoors than my old Powershot S330. I'm having a hard time distinguishing between the two. It sounds likes the S2 IS can snap a picture during the movie recording, can zoom during movies, has a stronger zoom, and possibly has better optics , but a worse CCD and a smaller LCD. Can anyone straighten me out? Is the S2 IS worth the extra ~$200?Thanks.

Risky Business Nov 25, 2005 3:43 PM

The S2s strengths are the 12x optical zoom and image stabilization. If you don't require the big zoom, the 610 willlikely be afine choice for you. There are other pros/cons but they are subtle - it's all about the image stabilized big zoom.

Risky Business Nov 25, 2005 4:32 PM

Given that I researched the heck out of these cameras before buying, perhaps I should provide the other differences...

610 is more compact (duh!), has a bigger LCD (2.0" vs. 1.8" - but take note that it has the same 115,000 pixels), optical viewfinder, arguably/slightly better still photo quality (bigger sensor)...

The S2 has a wider zoom range (36-432 vs. 35-140), image stabilization, wider aperture range (F2.7-8.0 vs. F2.8-4.1), stereo audio, faster max. shutter speed (1/3200 vs. 1/2500), custom self-timer, time-lapse recording, etc....

I may have missed some.

kassandro Nov 25, 2005 5:26 PM

An image stabilised 12x zoom is a great asset. But if you don't need it and want a smaller camera, then the A610 is the better choice. The 1/2.5 inch sensor of the S2 is smaller than the 1/1.8 inch sensor of the A610. Consequently the image quality of the A610 should be better, though both sensors are 5 MP sensors. Also the A610 is cheaper, but personally - as a very satisfied owner of an S1 IS - I would prefer the S2.

lockheed Nov 27, 2005 7:04 AM

I have been using the A610 for 3 months now. You canzoom while making video. The differencebetween S2 is actuallynot that major ifyou are just an average point and shoot user. But if you're an enthusiast, then it would matter a lot.

still confused on buying this modelor S2? well, it actually dependsonyourpurpose for having a camera. If youwant tobecomeserious in photography and explore your creativity, then choose S2.

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