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Default Canon A70 with 8x Lexar CF to slow ?

I'm about to buy an additional 256mb CF card for my A70. I'm looking at the Lexar 8x card because its cheap at 40, will I regret not buying the 12x or faster version if I go ahead with this ? - I take all my pictures in large/super fine mode.

Does the CF speed affect picture quality in any way or just the operating speed of the camera ?

Last question, what speed would the included 16mb canon card run at ?


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I hope you get an answer I've got a similar question re:Ixus400.

I've read on many threads that:

"Every card is a different speed in different cameras. So take your camera to the store and take a picture in the highest file size and stopwatch it until your light stops blinking".


I dont know how welcoming they would be if I asked them to do this.

But I'm going to as a real stupid beginners question, users record write times from 80secs to 10 secs, say, depending on the card used, but I thought many cameras can take 4 pics a second (what about movies) - What is the significance of the "light stops blinking"?

Many thanks to all you fellow Internet digicam junkies for all your advice/help.

P.S DAve, where can you buy a 256MB Lexar 8x for just 40, the cheapest I've found is 70 so far!
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My Camera is S50. I bought a lexar 512MB X12.
Compared to the 32MB that came with the camera, I haven't seen any difference in writing speed of 5MP, Large Superfine images nor with videos. If there is a difference that I somehow missed- its negliable.

On the other hand, when I plug both the cards to a card reader, its not the fastest thing... not that it matters to me.

AFAIK, the interface between the camera and the card is the bottleneck in consumer cameras, not the card itself.

If someone knows otherwise - I'd sure be interesting to learn more about this.


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Thanks for your replies.

Photogenic, I used www.dealtime.co.uk to locate the cheapest price. It threw up this place http://www.mymemory.uk.com/CompactFlash.htm


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This question get asked a lot! If you're just shooting in jpegs only spending more for a faster card will just be a waste of money since most cameras can buffer up the the jpeg files to write it out to a slower card... ie you will not see any difference

Only when anyone use the movie mode and fill up their camera buffer then there'll be a longer time between movie sequences. 8) This is also true for cameras with tiff and raw capabilities since theses files are larger and fill-up the camera's buffer in one gulp; hence the corresponding wait time between shots, and where a faster card can help...

Bottom line if you tend to set your camera in jpeg modes once and forget it... then forget about buying faster card (even if you bought thoses expensive high-end cameras)!
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Thanks for your feedback that's exactly the info I needed.

My S400 only takes JPEGS, so I wouldnt benefit from a 40x Lexar (your point about the camera buffer).

However, the greatest bonus (to me anyhows) is the ability to take the odd movie -with sound too we're so lucky/spoilt. So in the light of what you said am I right in thinking,as I take like taking movies, in that case I will benefit in forking out an extra 15 in getting a Lexar 40x (with free jumpshot cable and image rescue s/w too) rather than a 12x CF card?

Thanks again.

BTW - Dave I had a look at mymemory.uk.com, the one thing to note as it's a Jersey based company it doesnt show VAT on the prices, however its still the cheapest I've seen on the net for UK users (US users have CF Cards way way cheaper), so thanks for the info.
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