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Botr Oct 10, 2003 5:54 AM

Canon a70 firmware update on a60? Is it possibile?
Because the two cameras have no diferences but just the ccd sensor, would it be possibile to upload the software from a70 on a60?

How could i do that alone and what would i gain from?

cheewooi Oct 10, 2003 7:23 AM

i think you should ask canon technical support about this, basically as u said, the a70 and a60 is same just the size of the CCD difference. The latest firmware update is about the PictBridge, i think there;s no need of updating the firmware if you doesn't use direct print printer....

rec Nov 15, 2003 4:09 PM

Re: Canon a70 firmware update on a60? Is it possibile?
"Canon a70 firmware update on a60? Is it possibile?" you post this question, finali you make this?? i ha an A60 to, and a j want to upgrade the firmware frome a a70 if it posible

sjms Nov 15, 2003 4:21 PM

canon will not authorize or even say it can be done. if you choose to attempt it and should it fail you may end up with a doorstop and it will cost you for the fix. the camera itself may not even allow it to occur. you say its only the imager that is different. are you 100% sure? what about the support circuitry for the imager might that differ ever so slightly? well that tells me there is more then a small difference there. the imager is only the prime component of a digital camera.

tell what would you think to gain from this?

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