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Default Canon A70 lense froze after 45 days.

Was off and running with this camera after all the reviews i got the best bang I thought.
Bought up a few 256 cards off Ebay for $40.00 and then took off for my vacation south to Disney Land , SanDiego ,San Fran then back north home to Canada.
Well 2 days into Disney land and the camera was only 40 days old.
The lense froze half way in and out.
Just stopped.No dropping the camera nothing just froze.

Well to my shock I got a hold of Canon help line at 9PM PST from LA, compliments of the photo department of Wal-Mart I will add.

Then I was told I can send it in and wait 6 weeks for the turn around and if I did not have my reciept .The camera would not be touched till I sent that in.
Basically I was told wait till I get home to Canada for go taking any shots on my 2weeks in the sun with my 3year old at Disney.
Well I almost threw this camera across the parking lot.
That would have felt great i tell you.
Well off to Sears to get a new camera as we have a Sears card and makes life simple.
So a spot check at 9:45 finds a Kodak 6330 and now I need a SD card and all the 256 cards will get un used.
This will mean a few trips to a local Wal-Mart to put the photos on a disk so I can shoot the 2 weeks.But I did it.
Well 2 days in that camera just kept formating the card.
:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
So took it back to Sears thank God.
Walked into Wal-Mart again and bought 10 disposible cameras.

Well once I got home I packaged the camera in the box and took it to Staples were I got it from I will say at $499.99 CND
Anyway I thought a tough time was going to be in place.
Well heck no.
I can exchange it or upgrade what ever I wanted.
The best thing happened at Staples that day.
So now I am getting the new A70 un wrapped tonight and start shooting more of my speakers for customers.

So in all happy with Canon service from Staples.
But had to post about the lense freezing.
And to join the forum.

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