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Default Canon a70 replay switch problem.


My friend bought me an A70 from USA (Im located in europe). So I turned it on and made some quick pics to see, that everything works. All was ok. So i turned it off again. After couple of minutes I turned it on again, made some more pics and then wanted to review them, but the switch didnt work anymore. So I have a camera now without review option, I cant delete images and I can't connect it to the computer also, pecause it must be in replay mode.

Does anyone had have the same problem or knows anything about that? I can't send it back also because I have to travel to USA for that.
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As long as the Camera was purchased legally (and you can prove it ie. recite) Cannon could probably help you fix your camera at little or no cost, since the a new camera would be under warenty... i'm not 100% sure, but most large companies do provide warrantys for their products worldwide... If I where you I would contact a local canon retailer and ask them what you could do. Or you could call Cannon directly in your country, and see what they say...

You camera will be rather useless if you can't view your pictures, and easily download them onto your computer....

The only other alternative would be to purchase a media card reader and upload your pictures that way... but that's still a bit of a pain..

Anyway good luck on getting your problem solved.
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I have exactly the same problem. After a couple of uses, the replay function has vanished. Turning the switch to replay mode does nothing at all. This also prevents me from downloading pictures, because the camera needs to be in replay mode to download.

I bought the camera at Ritz Camera. I'll call up Canon next unless anyone has any suggestions.
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