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Default Appreciate the replys so far,,,

I have been checking the camera out in the local stores. I know that in all reality there is not really a bad choice, it is just one of those things where you want to get the most for the money. I will say that in my hands, the slightly smaller feel of the A70 feels nice. I have thoughts back and forth concerning the additional features of the A80. One thing that did impress me was a site I came across while searching this forum. There was a fellow who took an A70 with him on a trip to mexico,,,and his website has some great pics,,along with some impressive video he took with the A70. The site was www.wanderglobe.com . I agree with most that you should have a good camcorder for video, but it would be nice if you were just out with the camera and could pop of a nice video clip if you wanted to. The same goes for having my nice miniDv and taking a couple of stills on its card.

I am just trying to look for the 100.00 difference,,,,I think right now I am leaning toward the A70 for 230.00,,,,I found it for this price on one of the price comparison sites and pcmall said they would match....So I would be getting from a reputable dealer,,,,,,The flipside was they would match a price of 329.00 for the A80,,,that is how it ended up being about 100.00 different.


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If you go to http://www.pbase.com/cameras you can search for pics my make and model of camera. The A70 is definately a better when it comes to videos. The A80 does have it's pluses. You need to figure out which one best suits your needs as well as your budget and get it and start enjoying. Make sure you buy from a vendor that has a good return policy as you might change your mind. And you never know if you will be one of the unlucky few that gets a defective camera.

Both are good cameras.
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Where can you get the A70 for 230???
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And where can you get the A80 for that price, too?
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you can print nice 8x10 pics from a 2 megapixel camera, you just can't crop the picture. I have taken 2 megapixel pictures from my S30, and printed out 81/2 x 11 prints and they looked gorgeous
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