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accr122 May 15, 2003 8:47 PM

Canon A70 vs Canon S45
I'm deciding between these 2 cameras.

A70 is $499
S45 is $799

I know that the S45 is 1mpx higher and battery pack. But is that worthy for the extra $300 ?? I will be taking mostly macro shots.

Any suggestions ?? Or is there other brand that I should look into?


CanonGuru May 16, 2003 12:16 AM

If it fits the bill....
Is 1 megapixel between the two models worth $300.

No. Not unless...

you want to move backwards in technology. For the S-series, those designs are getting old. 3 years now I believe. The A70 has the same processor, is more technologically refined, quicker and is just better. The A70 also has a faster shutter speed (1/1500sec for the S45 vs 1/2500sec for the A70. That fact plus the A70's 640X480 movie mode and enhanced UI makes it a winner in my book. The 1MP higher resolution only translates into a 500Kb size increase in file size. The A70 file size is around 1950K and the S45 is around 2400K. Not much of a difference with $300 to spare if you ask me.

You will want to check out Canon's website and see a few sample photos from each camera at max resolution. See any difference? Unless you zoom up close enough and do some side-by-side forensics you can't tell the difference. Now that I have my A70 I will wait until 5MP are reasonably priced at around $300 U.S. I also highly recommend the A70 also because it uses standard AA batteries. So you don't have to go running to Canon to get a new expensive proprietary lithium battery pack when it life is up.

I use 4 AA Energizer NiMH rechargeables with the Energizer 1 hour quick charger. The charger works in the car cig lighter socket as well.

Don't give into Canon's or anyone elses proprietary stunts. Gettin a camera that uses AA NiMH's is anyones best deal by far if you ask me.

As for the Macro modes. This is a no brainer. The A70 is good up to 2 inches stock and the S45 is only good up to 3.9 inches.

Do you know which one you want now?

Gimli May 16, 2003 3:43 AM

I love my a60 ;)

I have the same batteries as CanonGuru there.

Only difference between a60 and a70 is the 1mp, and the 640x480 reso.

I'd go for the newer camera

jkdigiteam May 16, 2003 8:16 AM

just gotta say that the fastest shutter speed in A70 is 1/2000 sec. ...not 1/1500. Anyway, I bought my A70 few days ago and I'm very pleased. Macro mode, autom. focus and many other things are just great! Please by A70 and forget the S45!

I payed FIN400Ä (which is about $400) and I think that you don't have to pay $499 for it. Try to search little cheaper shop.

accr122 May 16, 2003 8:52 AM

Thankyou CanonGuru and everyone of you !!

Yup, I think that does it....I'm set on the A70. $400 for the extra 0.8mpx isn't worth it.

And the extra 1/1000sec does help I guess. :)

I'll get the camera when I get off work today.

Thankyou everyone :lol:

PS: jkdigiteam, I think A70 has 1/2500....kinda of confusing. On Steve's review it said 1/2000, but on's spec it said 1/2500 too. I thought 1/1000 good until I saw some 12mpx has 1/16000 ! :P

ErezKatz May 16, 2003 11:02 AM


About the prices you mentioned. I saw the A70 at staples for 350$, and you can get it off the web for around 300$. You can get the S45 on the web for around 400-420$, I got my S50 on the web for 520$.

The s30 and s40 are a bit old, but AFAIK the s45 and s50 are internally upgraded.

Difference between 3mp to 4mp is just 33% meaning about 15% boost in height and width. So itís not a huge difference.

What I like best on steve-digicams is the sample pictures at the end of each review. Take a look at the reviews for the A70, S30, S45 and S45. And the S400. In my opinion the S45 pictures were a little better than the A70.

I own the s50 and I think itís a great camera. Though I went a little overboard buying it, I didn't want to upgrade every 2 years. I never really tried the a70, just played with it in the store. One thing I did notice is the smaller LCD screen, not that it makes much of a difference for me because I turn it off to save battery. I was impressed by the S400.

AA batteries are a plus because the battery for the S45 is expensive. On the other hand itís more compact than 4 AA batteries. So it takes less room if you carry one as a spare.

I can say that as far as battery life is concerned, I was able to go a whole day sight seeing in NY taking pictures without a problem. With one charge, and LCD turned off I took 180 shots. Some with some without flash, and there was plenty of more to come.

I did an experiment at home the other day, with LCD and flash turned on; I took about 170 shots on one charge. It was in continues shooting though, I only stopped to take out the 32mb I then had to dump the photos to my pc, If I turned it on and off more frequently I guess the startup and shut down motor action would have had their toll on battery.. So I would say that battery life is pretty good. I think I'd get a spare battery just as a backup.
So if you are planning a day of 500 pictures, AA battery is noticeably more cost effective. Going for AA batteries as a statement against proprietary batteries is noble but the difference in price is about 30$ for an extra set, so its not huge point IMO.

You mentioned 499$ for the A70, thatís a rip off, no question about it. If this were you budget, though, I'd go for the S45, S50 or the S400.
I mention the S400 because of its size. The only thing I can't do with the S50 is can't caring it in my pants pocket (duh). And the A70 though itís smaller, isn't small enough. In this aspect the S400 wins big time.

IMO, the s45 with give you a little better pictures, the s50 definitely would. The s400 put out just as good (if not better) pictures its a 4mp (not that it makes that much of difference) but you can take it in your pocket, but it costs at least 100$ more.

For 300$ you can't beat the A70. Itís a matter of budget.

Hope it helps,


CanonGuru May 16, 2003 1:08 PM

Good Point
The A70 is only $280 at Buy.Com. Not sure if they ship to the EU or not. When you pick it up write us back here in this thread and tell us what you think!

You will want to get these items as well...
1) Canon PSC20 case(found on or eBay for $8 US!) Energizer 4-bay AA and AAA 1 Hour Quick Charger (available at BestBuy or WalMart). Get about 8 AA Energizer (green and silver)1850 NiMH batteries.

Sure, I know what your thinking... Don't these items substantially increase the cost of this camera? Well lets put it this way. Unless you have a second S45 or separate charger($$$) that can charge a second lithium battery then we are right back where we started. Plus you can use the NiMH AA's and charger to power other devices such as your DVD or TV remote. The possibilities are endless with NiMH.

I would also agree with ErezKatz. It all depends on your budget. However for the $$$ the A70 has the most features for your money. Canon's A-series is just awesome if you ask me. Your everyday folk shouldn't be asking for 5 - 12MP cameras anyway. If you were then you wouldn't be looking at the A70. You would be looking at the high end SLR lineup.

Which reminds me... I used to have a Canon A40 a few months ago. What is cool is that I stil have the same Canon PSC20 case and Energizer NiMH batteries and Quick Charger that went with that (as shown above). I just sold the camera on eBay and basically got 75% of my money back to purchase a new A70(hehe!).

I think it's just cool that Canon has not skimped on any features since the A40 and that I now basically have a 1 MP higher camera for only $100! Now that is cool. I do however believe that Canon should have sticked with a more similar case design as the A40 as it seemed more rugged + the A40 had translucent buttons and a bigger Canon reflective logo.

Due to the vast and overwhelming GOOD reviews on the A20, A40, A60 and A70, the resale value of the A-series is astounding. As a result they are a HOT ticket when it's time to resell and informed people know that. Shoot! I have seen Canon A5's (which go way back) sell for as much as $100 on eBay! Now that is a good down payment on a new A70! Just remember to treat them like babies. I would purchase an LCD protector as well. Usually they run for only $15 or so.


eyemthatguy May 19, 2003 5:42 PM

I hope Im not too late to inform you. I just joined the forum today, and need to tell you the A70+Lexar 128MB CF + Dazzle CF Reader @ $249.99 at officemax. and if you have never ordered online from them, you can add a small package of paperclips to bring hte total before tax to over $250.00, you can get an additional $50.00 off of your first order.

This deal was for the s200 originally, but I guess those all sold out so this is the new deal.

Hope it helps someone.

ErezKatz May 20, 2003 8:48 AM

can you specify a url to that offer at officemax?
I checked, couldn't find there....

CanonGuru May 20, 2003 12:36 PM


Originally Posted by eyemthatguy
I hope Im not too late to inform you. I just joined the forum today, and need to tell you the A70+Lexar 128MB CF + Dazzle CF Reader @ $249.99 at officemax. and if you have never ordered online from them, you can add a small package of paperclips to bring hte total before tax to over $250.00, you can get an additional $50.00 off of your first order.

This deal was for the s200 originally, but I guess those all sold out so this is the new deal.

Hope it helps someone.


IT isn't on their website. Are you sure this ain't your local place and not the website? If they were selling for ~$250 then officemax wouldn't make money on them. Sounds a bit fishey to me. Sounds like the A60 or A40 and not the A70. Big difference.

Just to let everyone know that BestBuy and CircuitCity are SOLD OUT of A70s in most areas of the world until mid-summer. Canon is behind in production bigtime or shipments are slow. Probably a combination of the two. It seems to be a very popular selling camera. Heck with all these features it makes my old A40 look like an old station wagon.

NOTE: If you can find any A70s left....PICK IT UP NOW!!

I found one in a local Meijers for $299 which is about the right price (and darn well worth it!). Earlier last week I found a website that advertised them for $255 but neglected to tell you that shipping was $50-$70 depending on terms! What a rip. Those people should go to jail for lying!

Some retailers are catching on to this Canon A70 feaver and in an attempt to lock in a sale will first lure you in with low pricing and then jack up final cost by raising shipping fees to astronomical levels. Isn't that the illegal bait-n-switch car-dealer tactic? BEWARE!

Anyway... No matter where you look for a reputable sale with good shipping prices, either eBay, Costco,, etc...they all are around $300. Don't pay more. That's what they are worth after retail markup.

It's a good thing I got mine when I did! Whew...

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