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*Apologies if you've seen this posted already, I have asked a couple of places to get the most feedback.

Has anyone seen a problem with image quality on the Canon A75 (or A70/80) at maximum aperture?

Just bought anA75 last week after 10mths with a Sony P52 that gave me a pleasing image quality. After a few test shots I was slightly guarded in my thoughtson the image quality from the Canon. This was because I actually got quite a few poor shots but was so sure it was that I was busy and hadn't time to set up the camera properly, after all the A70/75/80 range are always given a top image score in any review.

Anyway after a bit of spare time today I'd become puzzled that many images were worse than I would expect from either my old Sony P52 or the P93 I recentlytried. The problem is a real softness to many images and poor exposure control....light areas "blasted out" and missing detail.

For example I took a photo of the kids in a wooded area on a gravel path and in bright even light. I know my old Sony would have given a brilliant result but this was soft and the girls faces (the only very light part of the image) were white and indistinct.

Looking at the Metadata of about 30 shots (where more than half were unsatisfactory) I could see that all those with problems were at F2.8 aperture.

This caused me to run some tests taking photos of a bookcase full of books about eight feet away from where I was sitting with the camera. The book titles on the spines provided a perfect test of image quality. Using the manual settings I took a series of shots at different apertures.

This confirmed the problem as far as I can see. My A75 is hopeless at the 2.8 aperture setting. The image is all soft with this highlight washing out problem. The images were far far better at any smaller aperture such as F4.5 or F6. The same improvement could be seen by zooming a little which also reduces the maximum aperture.

The problem with this is that on Auto the camera defaults to 2.8 much of the time so my point and shoot results are going to be very poor .

Any ideas?

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Hi, I'm having a similar problem with the A80....soft pictures and sometimes blurry even with a tripod. I had recently tried a Sony P92 and the picfures were beauriful and crisp but sometimes slightly oversaturated in the green area. I ended upgoing for the A80 and while it has many more features, I guess I was spoiled by the Sony pictures. I have been sharpening many of the Canon pictures with PaintShop Pro or PhotoShop. It bothers me when youspend $400 and then have to fiddle with the pictures so much. Also using the optical zoom, even with the super fine, highest resolution has been verydisappointing compared to the Sony. I'm considering returning the A80 at this point. I've been checking out the P93 even though I've seen apoor review on this board.
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You'll see my latestA75 comments in comparison with the P93 in the Sony section of this forum.

After posting this thread and that last post I took more outdoor tests and found that I was unhappy with the level of purple fringing outdoors when objects like electric poles stood out against the sky.

In the end that issue caused me to return the A75. I have to say though the A75 had loads of good points and my issues may not bother someone who doesn't look closely into their images...or who is willing to use aperture/shutter priority and avoid larger apertures/widest angle.


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Hey, guys. I have read other posts that are similar to this one and have seen that many of the people are able to solve their problems by using large image with superfine resolution. This makes use of all of the pixels in the CCD and gives a better, less noisy, more focused picture. Also try using the fast shutter mode or the shutter priority and use a speed no slower than 1/100 of a second. Hope this helps.
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