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aman Dec 3, 2003 12:45 PM

canon a80 or s400
i have got fed up of readin the reviews n all , i was hopin ya could help me .
a80 --- my interest
1) manual controls ( but since a newbie not sure wen will i be usin them )
2) flip but small lcd

1)small , pocketable

now i wanted to no. which one of these would be better in the image quality criteria and which one would be faster in start up n shot - shot time .

these are my main concern - i basically need a digicam for indoor photos of parties n all and need an easy to use camera .

i would like opinions from does who have used both these cameras ???

mrow Dec 5, 2003 10:56 PM

A80, S400
My 2 cents: S400 produces pics just slightly sharper in limited situations, not significant.

A80 is adjustable, a Huge difference.
A80 has a stronger flash and is adjustable.

A80 is probably more fragile, need to take more care with it.

I purchased A80, put it in my pocket when I need to, also use a small belt bag.

aman Dec 6, 2003 6:35 AM

Re: A80, S400

Originally Posted by mrow
My 2 cents: S400 produces pics just slightly sharper in limited situations, not significant.

A80 is probably more fragile, need to take more care with it.

but do the s400 produce pics better in indoor n sometimes outdoor situations
i previously owned the nikon 4300 ,it fell down n the lens was spoilt ( this happened when the camera was off ) so i wanna if the a80 falls wen its off will there be any damage to the lens or sooo -- i have an extremely delicate hand sort of thin , dont hold anythin firmly so occasionall they fall down ???? or should i go for s400 or ya suggest any other 3 or 4 mp camera ????

atg Dec 6, 2003 10:43 AM

I would go with the A80, if you don't use manual modes at the moment, just wait few months and you will. Better get a cam with the manual features now tha buy a new cam in few months. Trust me... :wink:

btw, check out more info on A80 at

KandieMan Dec 6, 2003 5:08 PM

I have somewhat been comparing the two and haven't yet 100% decided... I do not see the flip-out screen as a plus, more of an annoyance. Also, the batteries... which is generally the best? I would think that perhaps getting the single battery would be good (and also lighter) but then again I already have a 4-AA charger... so I can just get 4 new AA rechargeables

Does the A80 fit in your pocket without being "too heavy"?

mrow Dec 6, 2003 11:10 PM

A80 flash v S400
The A80 takes much better flash pictures.

mrow Dec 6, 2003 11:15 PM

A80 in pocket
The A80 will fit in a large coat pocket no problem, I also put it in my shirt pocket for short periods, say when I need both hands free to get something. Someone asked me to use their cam the other day so I slipped mine in my picket, couldn't do that with a G3. For walking around, I use a small belt bag. Also, I use a small carry bag (the ones about the size of a small purse), used that today it was great. BTW today I went to beach to shoot 150 pics, batts already had some time on them, cam was powered up for 2 hrs. AAs are great for that reason. I changed them while I was there. You have to be more careful, so that you don't drop things - other than that although one batt would be nice, AAs will by all means last longer.

mrow Dec 6, 2003 11:21 PM

To KandieMan
A80 flip out LCD is in fact a huge plus, I thought I would not use mine much, can't do without it. Allows you to shoot from high up (arm over head), also waist level without stooping, same applies to ground level shot. Allows you wo be less conspicuous when shooting around people, they don't know you're actually setting a shot if it looks like youre just fooling with it. Better for candids. Flip LCD has uses. Don

KandieMan Dec 6, 2003 11:24 PM

Well I am in school and although I want to use the camera for vacations and many other things, I also want to use the camera in school to take pictures of events and friends

It looks like the main things that I see to consider are:
-Battery type/length

Could the A80 fit in a pocket for a "long enough" period of time, or is it simply too heavy? I guess the 4 NiMH are somewhat better but also heavier. I am hopefully going to get the the stores in an upcoming day to get a look at the appearance of the A80 as well as weight hopefully. (Also looking at ergenomics, durability, etc... I believe the S400 uses some new surface which reduces finger prints and scratches???)

Any information that you think is helpful I would appreciate... I have heard that the flash on the A80 is better... but how much better?

mrow Dec 7, 2003 1:42 AM

flash on A80
The flash on A80, shooting in a room seating 10 -15 people, A80 flash will illuminate scene. S400 image will appear darker, people will not be as wel illuminated. Isabel Cutler did some flash tests in the other forum (DPReviews) and I saw the shots side by side. Which pocket would you put it in? Pants pocket, maybe but I think it is one of the heavier cameras due to the batteries. S45 might be the best bet for you, it is very compact, fully adjustable and priced similar to A80 if you buy it online or shop for it carefully. It is being replaced by S50 but it got excellent reviews and has a few more features than A80. Also I think it has a better flash than S400. It uses a single battery, people like it. Also comes with charger, A80 does not.

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