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ajan Apr 2, 2004 12:12 AM

Canon A80 vs Sony P-12
I'm back.
I've got my Canon A80, and I love it. This is what I call the camera.

Here is my result (in full AUTO mode)

Even the Canon's pic is not quite sharp, I think it can be fixed with some manual seting, and A80 can almost everything set.
Just, on Canon picture I find out some circuit. I have read something about it but I do not know where. Can anyone tell me why it hapend?
Anyway, thanks everone for answering on my questions, and help out about choice to return Sony and take Canon.
It is not compact as Sony but when you take it in your hand you know what you have. With Sony I think that it will drop out of my hand every time.

Marek Apr 4, 2004 3:54 AM

White spots in your picture are dust grains very close to lens and they are lighted with flash.They arent just dots, cos they arent focused(cos scene is focused).They appear each time(very often) on pictures in dusty enviroments ,especialy in poor light conditions.

So u are satisfied with canon now?i like the full manual control(I really miss it on sony :cry: ).But what I hate is that canon still uses PTP protocol to transfer pictures.

ajan Apr 4, 2004 4:07 PM

Yes, I did not know about that transfer images, and it is not nice can not just go to explorer and move it in your folder. But...
And Sony has better LCD.
But I love this Canon. It is nice camera. When I push button it shut, and Sony is waiting for ... whatever...
Thank you one more time for every explanations.

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