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I have the Canon A95 but haven't used it that much. I have the settings set to Large and Superfine. I think that the default setting was Large and Fine.

I just tried to take pictures at both superfine and fine settings. I am having a real hard time seeing the difference by looking at the pictures, but I see a significant difference in file size.

I realize that I don't have a trained photographer's eye, but I hope someone who does can tell me if the increased file size is worth whatever photo quality difference might exist.


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Only if you are printing.
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Thanks. I should now get a larger compact flash card because I'm sticking with superfine. I want to keep my options open for printing quality pictures in the future.

Question 2 - This is my first device with compact flash. My previous camera was a Sony with memory stick.

I'm a bit nervous about the pins-in-the-holes of compact flash. I'm worried that I might break off or bend a pin when inserting/removing the card.

With the memory stick I didn't worry because the card connector slid past the connector in the camera, sort of like the connectors on a modular telephone jack.

Besides being careful and making sure the compact flash card is going in straight, what other precautions should I be taking?

Is pin breakage or bending a problem with compact flash? It seems so delicate to look at.
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I'm a relative digital newbie who has an A95, and can tell you that I have removed and re-inserted CF cards routinely w/o any kind of problem in my A95. I don't think it is anything to really worry about, but someone with more experience might be able to share additional info.

Enjoy your camera - it's a good one!
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