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Default Canon Close Up Lens

I have a Canon G3 ( yes I know it is an oldie). I add photos to items I sell on eBay. I would like to buy a 52 or 58mm close up lens. The item I sell is about the size of a golf ball. Would either one of these lenses do the job for me. I already have the LA-DC58B conversion lens adapter. Thanks for any comments
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G'day AC

I have no idea what a G3 is - and for this discussion I don't think it matters
You say that you have the LA adapter ~ this will tell you whether you need 52mm diameter accessories or the 58mm dia accessories

As to the closeup lens - the code-number for the CAnon closeup lenses [250 / 500] is the focussing distance in millimetres

I have the 250D closeup lens which I fit mainly to the Panny 45-200 zoom. So from a distance of 250mm lens-to-subject, I can shoot things from cigarette-packet size down to a blow-fly when at max zoom

also remember - the bigger the magnification - the smaller the Depth of Field ... so much of your closeups will need to be shot at f11 to f22, meaning longer shutter speeds and therefore a supported [tripod] camera

Hope this helps
Regards, Phil
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The G3 is an old P&S from @2002.

It has a macro mode that should fill the frame with a golfball from @ 2" with no real effort if it's anything like newer P&S models.

What do you want? More image size or more working distance?

A nice set of close-up filters like Hoya or Kenko in +1.+2, +4 might be a better investment at @$40 for a camera that old, especially if you're not really sure how this works.
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