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I've had many people tell me the lenses are the most important part of a camera set up. I'm using a F717 right now, but I'm finding that I need more zoom and little to no shutter lag, plus all the bells and whistles of a DSLR. I've looked at the Nikon (oh my! :shock:, just kidding) D70 or the D100, but I'd rather not spend any more that $2500, including the lens.

A refurbed or used D30 or D60 looks to be the best option for me. I've slowly become more sure of Canon's lenses after reading about all the great features--even though Nikon has some competitive ones.

So now to my question--about how much am I looking at for a D30 or D60? Would it be worth it to get a D30 or D60 and dump the money on the lenses or should I dump it on the camera and go with non-Canon lenses? (Sigma all the way there) Or would it be wise to go with a slightly less featured 300D? What would you recommend? Thank you in advance.

P.S. If camera applications help here's a quick list: Aviation Photography, Sports, Macro.

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I just upgraded to a usedD30 andI love it. :|It may not have the resolution to match some of the newer models, but for me the largest thing i usually print is 8.5x11 (Letter size).As for lenses, in my opion i would stick to Canon glass. Tamron makes a pretty good lens too.

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I have never owned a D30 or D60, but I considered them when I was researching my purchase a year ago. Luckly for me, the 10D came out, so I got that.

The D60 had focusing issues. I don't remember what they are, but you might want to look into that. It didn't always cause problems (I think it was situational) but you should find out the situation because if you use it often like that it will matter.

If you can deal with the lower resolution of the D30, I've heard good things about it.

You are right, the Lenses really matter. A good set of lenses will be very expensive but will last you 20+ years. A digital camera body might last you 2-4 until the features in the newer model will seduce you.

The D100 & D70 are good cameras. If you don't have any lenses or other Canon stuff, you should consider them. Nikon makes very good lenses too. About the only place they are behind is their VR isn't in enough lenses yet (Canon has many more IS lenses.) But they are basically comparable in quality. Nikon lenses seem to cost a bit more, though. Another advantage for Nikon is that Sigma and others actually license the lens mount from Nikon. So their lenses "just work". Canon doesn't license their mount design and protocols, so basically whenever a new camera body comes out some set of Sigma (and others) lenses stop working. Sigma offers to fix them for the cost of shipping for some time after the body's release. If you are seriously thinking of getting non-OEM lenses, this might make a difference to you. Nikon also has a better flash system (but Canon finally caught up with ETTL-2... its only in their newest camera body, though.)

Also, thanks for telling us what you will use the camera for. You didn't say much, but at least you said something. So many people just ask "Which should I get" without saying how they'll use it. Drives me nuts. For sports photography you'll want the smallest fstop capable lens possible. This will give you the shutter speeds you'll need. You should also consider that you'll be using higher ISO values to help with the shutter... but with the older cameras the higher ISOs produce noise faster... not good. So get the public version of "neatimage", a software program that removes noise.


ps. You might consider renting the D30 to see how you like. Some places do that.
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