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Mark Fiedler Jun 23, 2002 8:13 PM

Canon D60
I'm looking at purchasing the Canon D60 as I have been using a Canon S30 and have had great results.
I plan on doing some backpacking this summer and I need to purchase a wireless transmission of shutter release up to 300ft. for the D60 or S30 for some group pictures.
Any recommendations as to what I should get?
Can I get a wireless shutter release for the S30?
Any comments greatly appreciated.

[Edited on 6-24-2002 by Mark Fiedler]

[Edited on 6-24-2002 by Mark Fiedler]

Bob Austin Jul 3, 2002 10:53 PM

Remote with Cannon D60
The LC 4 wireless controller (Cannon--$ 385) works on the D60. I have the RS-80n3 ($50), which has only a 2 meter cord, and also used an accessory 10 meter extension cord ( $72). I just could not justify the extra dollars, and use the self timer for group pictures, when necessary.


Bob Austin

Mark Fiedler Jul 8, 2002 11:32 PM

Canon D60
Thanks for the reply. I went on the Canon site and purchased the LC-4 this evening. I unfourtnatley need to take some shots of a group approx. 300 ft. away. I'm left with this expensive option.


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