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I am getting ready to make the move from my S1 IS (although I plan to keep it!) to a digital slr for the quicker / more accurate auto focus, better pic quality, lense flexibility, etc.

I cannot spring for a 20D - so I was really looking into the dig Rebel. I stumbled across the Olympus Evolt 300 - at 8mp, smaller innovative form factor and especially price, it seems like a real contender for the Rebel! I looked at both at Best Buy and the Oly even feels way more substantial. I understand that the Olympus does not have the multitude of lense choices with it's relatively new 4/3 format - but aside from the included kit lense - I probably will only want to get a 75-300 - that is readily available and reasonably priced.

I am awaiting the arrival of the Rebel 2 (March1???) to see the price point and features before I make up my mind...

Anyone have any comments or know anyone with the Evolt 300?
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Hey Geeeyejo, how's it goin'?! :bye:

So you're thinking of moving up to a DSLR, eh! I may make the same move also, but it will be a year or two before I get serious about the idea.

I'm guessing that you may not get much of a response to your questions here, as this forum is for 'consumer digicams' only.

If you are looking for a lot of knowledgeable DSLR feed-back, you may want to consider posting your questions on the 'Digital SLR Cameras' section of Steve's Forums. There are lots of good folks there that I'm sure will help you out.

Good Hunting with your DSLR search!


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Thanks Dean! I guess the sticky at the top "Post all DSLR in .." should have been a giveaway! Anyway, I will post there. I am kind of torn - I like my S1 and it is alot of cash to make the move. I probably will wait until the Spring anyway and see if I still have the DSLR fever!
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Usually, you would purchase the DSLR based on the lens system you want to use. Decide on the lens then go for hte camera that fits the lens.
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