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Default canon film to digital.

i have two questions.
1. are canon film lenses and flashes usable on digital canon cameras? if so, how's the quality? im consdiering investing in a film slr, and im just curious.

2. anyone use a canon elan 7? hows the shutter lag? i was looking into a Nikon N80, but i've been told bvy various people that the shutter lag is a bit slow, which sucks cos im planning on trying nature/sports/macro/concert stuff.

whats the time between each shot on the elan 7, if anyone knows? and how is the elan 7 in general? im favoring canon because they make tons and tons of lenses,

thanks if you can answer either one.
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The answer to the first question is Yes. The whole EF line of lenses is usable by Canon EOS Digital SLR's as well as film SLR's. (with the exception of the EF-S kit lens that comes with the DRebel - it is only good on that camera) Same goes for the flashes - all the Canon Speedlites are compatible. However, not all the flash metering modes always work (i.e. the E-TTLII on the 1DmkII only works with the newer flashes) but E-TTL works fine.
Second question - I dunno.
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E-TTL2 is only in the body... the flash(es) did not change (and there's no newer flash(es) a' la Nikon). The distance info come from the lens however, and some older EF lenses may not have this info in which case the camera reverts back to E-TTL. 8)

The Elan7 can do 3.5 to 4 frame/s, you might want the Elan7E with eye controlled AF (something the 10D desperatly needs):
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Old Mar 31, 2004, 9:56 PM   #4
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I have an Elan 7 as my film SLR, I'm stuck with Canon so that I can reuse the EF lenses between my digital Rebel and the Elan 7 as well as some minor accessories. I'm able to use my flash on all my cameras as well as batteries.

IMHO, if you have a Canon digital camera, staying with Canon for film makes sense.

The Elan 7 is really good, I've had no problems with shutter lag. It takes a very high rate of pictures too - I think it's something like four frames per second. And it is extremely quiet as well.

btw- there is a Steve's review of the Elan 7 on this site I recall.

The Elan 7 is a good 'prosumer' SLR, in the same category as the N80. They both have their pro's and con's but either would be a good SLR.

But there is an advantage to sticking within the brand for your cameras - SLRs are systems. It's costly to maintain two sets of lenses, flashes, accessories etc. and it's a lot lighter to carry a film body as backup not a whole separate kit.
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With the Elan 7 you can go one of two ways. Buy the original Elan 7 or the Elan 7n that uses the newer ETTL II flash metering. The new flash metering circutry is in the camera's body and works with al ETTL flash units, so the 220EX 420EX and/or 550EX all work with the Elan 7n in ETTL II flash metering.

The Elan 7 is a great film body- fast and QUIET, very quiet.
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Old Apr 1, 2004, 12:11 PM   #6
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I just ordered the 10D, and I'll probably be getting the 7n as a film body. I love Canon stuff, and of course it makes sense to have an interchangeable system.

Plus for the $350 or so they're getting for the Elan, I think it's a bargain.
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