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I am considering the Canon G10, everything that has been written about it seems fine, except some have concerns about the amount of noise over 200 ISO ? Is this the case, is there excessive noise ?

I understand the pictures are close to DSLR quality from 80 to 200 ISO. Is this the case ?

Thanks these are my concerns about this camera, which seems like a reliable, very good quality camera that you can carry around on a daily basis and that you can make manual settings.

Any information would be appreciated.
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I have the G9 not the G10, but I have been doing a lot of reading concerning image quality from G10 owners and reviewers. I am interested in the G10, but still do not like the limited max zoom range (28mm - 140mm) vs my G9's 35mm-210mm.

You will find lots of opinions stating the G10 is much better than the G9, image-wise. This may be attributed to the new processing engine, sensor, and lens. Steve's review here indicates he is not too bothered by ISO images of the G10, while others seem to think it is too noisy, but then I think these are DSLR folks who expect too much. Here is Steve's review link;


One suggestion is to shoot high ISO shots in RAW, and process carefully. I believe this is true, based my own experience with my G9. That's one reason RAW is essential in a point and shoot. There are also several good software packages to help you clean up noise; Noiseware, Noise Ninja, Neat Image, etc.

Here are a few more G10 reviews you may not have seen with different perspectives;

http://www.cameralabs.com/reviews/Ca...e_images.shtml (I like their real-world image tests)

http://www.kenrockwell.com/canon/g10.htm (unusual viewpoint)

http://www.luminous-landscape.com/reviews/kidding.shtml (also unusual)

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I have the G10, have never had any other GX's. The image quality at 80 and 100 is definitely DSLR quality. It is true that the higher ISO's have a lot of noise. I think 200 and 400 are usable if you really have to and you can always apply Noise Ninja or NeatImage or other noise reducing filters later.

I love my G10. The build quality is great, the controls are so convenient, and the images are really really excellent. If you usually use higher ISO's a lot, you might have to wait for the next generation of Point and Shoots. I have always tried to use the lowest ISO possible anyway, and very rarely venture into the higher range, so I am completely happy with the G10 as it is.
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lesmore49 wrote:
I am considering the Canon G10 ...

I'm not trying to be funny. Seriously, why are you considering the G10.

The IQ, based on reports and my experience with similar class cameras (primarily a Nikon CP8400-old tech but larger sensor), is very good when used at the lower ISOs. It, like all others in its class, does suffer more at higher ISOs than larger sensor cameras.

So, why are you considering the G10 and why do you fear its high ISO performance. The high ISO performance is of issue only if your use demands those settings. For outdoor daytime photography you will never need anything over 100 or maybe 200.

The images from my old cp8400 will rival those of most APS-c or 4/3 format DSLRs at up to 13x19 under normal outdoor conditions. With the modest tele these cameras have and their relatively slow responce they aren't suitable for the type of work (high speed sports, wildlife, ...) that is most of the work that demands good high ISO performance.

The only class of photography that would benifit from better high ISO performance for which a G10 is at all suitable is low light handheld photography. For that type of work the Panasonic LX-3 may well be a better choice as its lens is a full stop faster reducing the need to push the ISO as far.
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The trouble is the G9 and G10 Ive been trying out both recentlyare really not good over 200iso at all,in fact I only felt happy at 100iso maximum , the same sensor 12mp Ixus 960is is also just the same .,

Iuse an F30 andF31 the 800isois preferableto the canons mentioned 200- 250iso, and I feel sad about the Canons 200iso 12mp pictures blurry and not very clear, is just my point of view .

As much asIve tried to love all three canons mentioned because of the wonderfull build / features loved the G9s longer lens best of the three ,they justtake as good pictures as my old A95 goodin good light at up to 100iso,but not a lot different unless you want to print posterswho does !

DPreview said the G9 is a wolf in sheeps clothing, I agree, theydid not go much on the G10, both are slow to use focus slow at the longer end and after trying the G10 for a week like the G9 and Ixus 960is the G10is being returned to Amazon.

I will just have to manage with my D40 and two Fujis somehow, These Canons are very nice premium build but the results are like most poibt and shoots at half the cost on a sunny day.all just my point of view though, Rodo.
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