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blm Mar 30, 2003 7:58 PM

Canon G3 newbie needs help!
:?: I just started shooting photos with my G3 today. I was using a 2.1 pixel camera (olympus C2020 printer with HP Photosmart Printer) and got fantastic photos. I am shooting the photos on the G3 in Large format, superfine compression, Automode. When I print them, I am using a Espson 2200, settings are Superphoto 2880 dpi, glossy paper. My photos on the G3 don't seem sharp, they seem a little flat - unlike my Olympus C2020. Does the number of pixels really make that much difference. Are my settings correct for the Epson printer? I am taking just simple photos with the G3, nothing fancy (yet). The G3 got some great reviews so I am thinking I must be doing something wrong!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!.

eosjeff Mar 30, 2003 11:54 PM

Re: Canon G3 newbie needs help!
There could be a multitude of issues here. For the first printing in 2880 does not always mean a better photo. Try 1440 and see what you get from the print. Sometimes less is better.

Next issue could be color calibration from the camera to the computer to the printer.

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