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Default Canon G3 purchase

I've been researching cameras and I've about decided on a Canon G3. I've looked at the G3, G5, Sony F717, V1, the Oly 5050, and a couple Nikons. I borrowed and played with a friend's G2. I've also thought about the Minolta A1 and Sony F828.

I've given myself headaches trying to pick a camera and I think I need to just get over it and choose one and start having fun. I've noticed that different forums on different websites have vastly differing opinions. For instance, on one site the Sony 717 is a fabulous camera and I feel sure I should get it. On another, people are posting about all kinds of problems. At any rate, the only thing I really don't like about the G3 is that lens obstruction thing.

The only thing I feel I did not pursue fully enough and do not understand in the least is the resolution issue.


Where do I go online or what kind of search should I go to find accessories for the G3? When I was doing a price search online, sometimes the results were a list of stores with their prices and other times (depending on camera) it was the camera with a list of accessories avail. I couldn't get it to come up that way with the G3.

The first accessory I need right away is an external flash. Then I'll go with filters.

My friend that I borrowed the G2 from mentioned do I want to buy theirs. I'm not sure if they were joking or not. I wanted to ask you guys before I pursued this what kind of price would be a good deal for both of us? Their camera appears to have very little use. In fact, I can tell the last time they used it was Feb of '03 because there are pix of my son playing basketball on it. So it's in good condition, but no warranty. Comes with a nice case, all the necessary cords, a 128 CF card and a 32 CF card. One battery appears to be a good condition. I charged it when I first borrowed it and haven't had to recharge it since. I've been playing with it quite a bit with the lcd on a lot. Comes with the Canon software and Photocshop 5 software.

If I bought hers, I'd have more money to get more accessories and software right away. I might even be able to get a printer now too.

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I think that most of the cameras you mention are all good cameras.

Don't get too hung up on the specifications, I think that too often people buy a camera because of some number on a spec sheet instead of what 'feels' right for them.

Go to a good store and grab the cameras, some will feel too big, others too small. Can you understand how to take a photo without looking at the book?

I think this way because my first digicam was a Nikon twisting Coolpix 950 (like the 4500). My wife never could figure out how to use it, but she can use my G2 just fine. She found the ergonomics to be too odd for her and would use her 35mm P&S instead.

I highly recommend getting a camera which has an available external flash. A G2 with a 420EX flash will usually take a better indoor flash picture than a 10D relying on the pop-up one.

As far as resolution goes - more resolution gives you the ability to make larger prints or take a smaller crop of a picture and print it larger.

4MP cameras will do a good job print 8 by 10s with a pretty reasonable cropping. Unless you're planning on printing off 11 by 14s with cropping a G3 will do the job. I've been very happy with my results.

I'd suggest going to bhphotovideo or adorama to look up prices on accessories, I use them to benchmark prices locally and see if I'm getting a good deal or not.

BTW - using filters on the G2 is not as convenient as some other cameras (eg. nikon coolpix), you don't attach the filter to the front of the lens you add an adapter which attaches to the camera.

More BTW - the Canon batteries a great, my G2 was used this weekend for about 2 hours straight with the LCD and the battery was only run down halfways.
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Yes, I can visit a store and use the cameras well enough to take photos and compare the basic features.

I did know that about the filter adapter thing. Does it make that big of a difference? It doesn't effect the photo quality, does it? Does it add more to that annoying lens-in-the-way feature on the G3?

I definitely want the external flash. That has been my #1 priority from the get-go. (I just spent an hour fixing red-eye on a batch of photos taken on the borrowed G2 using the on-camera flash.)

I have decided that if my friends want to sell their G2 for a good price, I'm going to do that. I played with it some more this evening and think it would be a fine starting camera for me. And I'm going to Best Buy tomorrow afternoon and check out the other cameras I listed above.

Thanks for the help,
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Default G2

The G2 will be excellent with the 420EX. I have the G3 which as you probably know uses the same 4MP sensor, and the quality is terrific.

The G3 gives you more zoon and slightly faster operation, but if you can get the G2 for a lot less money, it would be too good to pass up.
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If I get the G2 for a great price, I can swing the approx $200 for the 420EX. Two questions:

1. If I don't get the deal and end up paying full price for a G3, my funds for a flash will be limited. Is there another flash, say, just below the 420EX that will work? I do want it to be fully automatic if the camera is on auto and fully manual if the camera is on manual, etc.

2. I haven't seen the 420EX in the flesh. No camera stores around here are stocking flashes. Wierd! Anyway, how 'top heavy' does that make the whole camera/flash package? Manageable? I assume so, since it seems everyone uses it, but I'm just wondering.

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Default Re: Canon G3 purchase

Originally Posted by Gwen
Where do I go online or what kind of search should I go to find accessories for the G3?
Two great sites:
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The 420EX is the perfect mate for your G series camera, size-wise. They seem made for one another. The next Canon flash up, the 550EX is a little big. I've used both with my G5 and prefer the 420EX if I don't need the extra pop the 550EX provides or if I'm not using the two together in a wireless setup.

In addition to the 420EX, the off camera Cord 3 is a good assessory to have if you want to create a little more distance between lens and flash. Even the 420EX will cause redeye if used with the lens zoomed into the tele end. Getting rid of redeye is all about moving the flash away from the lens axis. Red-eye reduction mode is exactly that. There is a reason why they don't call it "red-eye ellimination".
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